The Art of Letting Go...


What does the word conjure up for you?
Fear, resistance, uncertainty, release…

What about in your body – what do you notice?

Are there feelings of contraction, turning away, a desire to hide?
Maybe reading that word elicits feelings of expansion, possibility and the desire to lean in and take a closer look?

Whatever your experience, I invite you to stay with it and watch…
Watch as your mind creates story after story.
Are there any underlining themes?

We all have our own unique view of death, but what if we took a different position, and rather than seeing death as merely a natural and organic part of our journey in the human body, can we instead see beyond a ‘physical’ death to what learning might be gleaned from diving a little deeper?

Can we move away from the feelings of finality and take a more philosophical route to exploring what gifts might be there underneath the initial meaning of the word?


Once again this week a juicy sharing with my beautiful friend inspired me to take a closer look at my own view around the word death, and to explore the buried and possibly hidden aspects, which might ultimately highlight where some guidance may be gained.

For life is filled with it…

All around us nature reveals the secrets of the cycle of birth, life, death and beautiful rebirth as Summer wanes to Autumn, the heaviness of Winter sets in, and life then blossoms again come Spring.

Being so attuned to the wisdom of nature, it is hard not to feel these same cycles within my own life.
Seeds or ideas are planted, life flourishes and then slowly decay sets in and it is time to let go.

Allowing the letting go is usually where the problems begin to arise though.
Our lives are filled with clinging and attachment, and gracefully releasing our hold when all around us we are encouraged to ‘grasp’ can pose quite the challenge.

How can we find a way to welcome these ‘mini’ deaths as an essential part of the process of growth?

In the words of my sister sharing her experience…

Yes, that’s a biggie…The little death…great to recognise it for what it is, not fear it.
Having the wisdom to allow it to happen for the sake of blossoming into the new self, the next stage of life and growth…like the cycles of nature


All comes to an end eventually.

The nature of impermanence ensures that all that is now will pass, and life will continue to ebb and flow.

If we embrace the change, keep aligning with our truth, and stay clear on our intention, then these ‘little deaths’ come with a sweetness and ease.
It becomes a joy to let go and make way for the new…

If, however, we resist the change, we are far more likely to endure way more suffering than we need.
Sometimes the suffering is part of the message being offered, but
I am all for avoiding any suffering that is unnecessary.


The ‘Art of Letting Go’ is indeed a fine art that needs patience, perseverance and practise.

Here a few tools to help you’ let go’ without the struggle and to effortlessly enjoy the opportunities that come a knocking.

+ Accept the moment for what it is

Yesterday’s moment has gone, the future purely a projection.
Soak up all in the moment and ENJOY it for it will pass eventually.
Worry and fear create suffering…so be able to relinquish the need to control otherwise each moment can be a slippery slope to more struggle.

Resistance to what is will only lead to more suffering.

+ Believe now is enough

The future IS uncertain, no matter how much we might wish to control it.
Tomorrow will never look the same as today.

Simply appreciate all that you have right now.
It is enough…

+ Serve your purpose - NOW!
Whatever turns you on, whatever you love – do it now!
Don’t wait until you have it all figured out…

Let go into the fear, trust and take the leap!

+ Release the need to know
Time truly is precious and a gift!
There are absolutely no guarantees about how things will unfold, for the magic of life lives in its uncertainty (if you allow it to)
The best of intentions doesn’t change the fact that things play out just as they need to.

Obsessing about the future only wastes your time, so let it go honey.
Live this moment to it’s fullest.

+ Open your mind
Playing it safe and holding on to situations that make you feel comfortable and at ease may work for a time, but eventually life will find a way to show you a glimpse of the possibilities that are out there when you are able to let go of what’s no longer serving you. 


Life is a delicious journey, the final destination and outcome unknown to us.
The ebbs and flows filled with insight, wisdom and joy, or, discomfort, conflict and dis-ease.

So what do you choose sweet soul?
Why not embrace the ‘little death’ and see where the mystery takes you.
Life will be good…I promise.

Let me know in the comments below how you flow with life and where you get a little stuck.
Share away too if you feel other women may resonate with my words.

May your week be filled with exploration and expansion.

With Blessings,