Sabotage, Self Love and my Soulful Declaration...

Women of the world…
Soul sisters…

Can you feel the rise of the divine feminine?
It is so very palpable right now!

All around me women are stepping up, aligning with their souls purpose and reclaiming their power.

I am inspired, moved and blown away daily by the sheer force of women finally showing up in a new, more empowered way - for themselves and for humanity.

It has been so long in the coming.

Yet something hungry still lingers in the background.

An insipid little creature that wants to be fed, and though more starved now than ever before, she still has a pretty tight hold on us.

Who is this beast you might ask?

I am, of course, referring to that nasty little soul-crushing
self-saboteur that just won’t back off.

Your bitchy inner critic that knocks the wind out of your inner wisdom time and time again.

I know you know her well.
Most of us do.

And though I see a whole bunch of amazingly devoted, focused and spiritually aware women out there doing their thing with gusto and grace, I can’t help but feel that we have a way to go on this journey of true and lasting Self-Love.


Have you noticed how Self-Love is really happening right now, alongside the joys of a daily gratitude practise, being vulnerable and authentic, and aligning with your soul’s purpose?

These are the hot topics on many lips right now - mine included.

I happily admit to being a devotee of all of these practises as I know firsthand the rewards, yet sometimes, no matter how much ‘work’ I’ve done, I fall a little short.

Those long-standing conditioned habits often overpower, crowd out and suffocate the new and more fragile ground I am cultivating.

How can we find space to honour ourselves with the gift of Self-Love and Acceptance when everywhere we turn we are burdened with the weight of a society who has spent years (and invested millions) on trying to make us feel ‘not good enough’ ‘undeserving’ or ‘imperfect’.

my sweet sisters…


I’m 42 years old and no longer want to waste one precious moment of my blessed life critiquing myself in the mirror for the greys, wrinkles or cellulite that I see, or worrying about how my clothes sit on my body.

I choose to feel radiant, alive and sexy - in this body, just as I am.

I am exhausted by trying to ‘be’ something other than my beautiful shining self, or ‘prove’ to anyone that I am worthy or faultless.

I don’t need anyone to tell me how magnificent I am,
that I am a spark of the divine.
Deep inside, behind all of the masks, I know this truth.

And what I desire more than anything is to inspire you to know and own this truth too.

How much time will you waste on tired beliefs that aren’t true, don’t serve and disempower you from creating the life you deserve?

How much energy will you allow to be drained away through efforts and striving towards an ‘ideal’ version of yourself?

For me it was close on 42 years, but on my last birthday, in a moment of stillness and connection, I made a promise and commitment to myself.

Every day I remind myself of this declaration.

Star honey, drop the inner critic; let go of the negative self-talk, stop giving yourself a hard time.

My new love filled daily affirmation is:
I now love all parts of myself, just as I am.

I’m not perfect, but now I’m not trying to be.
I have seen through the illusion of perfectionism and am choosing another path.

+ One of truth, dedication and devotion.
+ Faith, beauty and deep acceptance.
+ Courage, candour and sweet sweet love…

So, now I take a stand for myself.
But also for you.

My hope and aspiration is that you may feel called to take a stand too.

To allow yourself the freedom and permission to finally be released from the shackles that have silently bound you for an eternity.

For you are perfect, right now, just as you are…


To really dig deep and create the change I know you deserve, desire and are desperate for, you’re going to have to say goodbye to some old ways and embrace a radical new way of relating to yourself.

So when you can, take some time to sit quietly, open your heart and practise a little authentic and honest Self Enquiry.

What can you let go of sweetheart?
Where are you clinging onto an old, tired and stale belief about yourself?

What will be your Soulful Declaration?

How can you take a stand for yourself right now beautiful?

Journal, meditate, draw…do whatever feels potent to get the message out.
Give it time to percolate.

Stay with it.
Patience darling…

I have to work on this EVERY DAMN DAY, but I am worth it.
So are you!
And remember…

In moments of self doubt or uncertainty, when that inner mean girl comes again for a visit...

All you need to do is choose LOVE.


Wow, this has been a huge one for me to share but it feels SO good.

I'd love you to let me know in the comments below if this resonated and you can relate?
Tell me - where does your inner bitch try to stain your day with self sabotage and how do you politely tell her to f$#@ off!

I’d love you to share this post with the women in your life too as all women need to feel safe to share and be heard!

Much joy on your journey sweet one.

Many Blessings,