Magical Mindfulness

Who am I to judge?

Who am I to judge?

If I were to ask you to talk about judgement what would you say?
Would you share how judgement plays out in your life, or would you talk about the downside of judging oneself or another and offer some tools on how NOT to judge?

Would you fess up and admit that sometimes you fall into the trap of judgement…or would there be denial and certainty that you never ever judged anyone??

Soulful Enquiry - Who's there behind the mask?

Soulful Enquiry - Who's there behind the mask?

Self-Enquiry is a delicious daily practise for me and has been a revelational part of my journey towards healing and a deeper connection to my essence.

When I take the time to soften into stillness, my conditioned and self-imposed layers begin to dissolve and melt away, and I become more truly aligned with my soul’s purpose here.

But what does it actually mean to enquire into the self?
To take a dive deep within on a journey of self-discovery?

Is it a simple and gentle quest that brings about a profound transformation into unveiling the truth of who you are?
Or is it a vigil into the dark night of the soul filled with doubt, fear and uncertainty?

Spiritual Practise = Mindful Mama...

Spiritual Practise = Mindful Mama...

Sometimes when I am in a moment of quiet contemplation or meditation, I have the most inspired download of juicy ideas.

At the times when I am most desiring peace and for my mind to slow down its activities, I am flooded with insight.

I love that when I create some space to get still and silent, the Universe says
‘here you go honey-ponder this’!

Recently whilst settling into my meditation, I started thinking about the time a mama has for her spiritual practise and how the whole idea of this changes when raising little ones.


Life as a full time mama is busy with a capital B.
Gently and lovingly guiding a little soul is a beautiful yet often exhausting journey with many ebbs and flows.
To be always fully present, kind and compassionate can be a challenge regardless of what the moment presents.

To do this with my 3 year old when she is in the midst of a mini meltdown at the end of a long day forces me to draw on every spiritual practise I know to get us through the moment relatively unscathed, and, ideally, with me left feeling that I have honoured both our needs without stepping out of alignment with my own personal brand of parenting philosophy.