Is the Universe testing your resolve??

A conversation that was started this week with two of my beautiful sisters, both on opposite sides of the world, really got me reflecting around the challenges life throws our way, and how we choose to meet each of these challenges.

For no matter what the circumstances, we ALWAYS have a choice.
The choice of which path to take and how we react to all that unfolds in our world.
These choices might bring up our stuff, confront us and make life very unpleasant for a time.
But we DO have a choice.

How blessed we are to have this luxury and freedom.


More and more I am witnessing women experiencing strong feelings of disconnect…
with their tribe, their purpose and mostly with their true, authentic feminine selves.

So many women questioning themselves and their path…

I encounter stories of what we think we ‘should’ be doing, and how much we are giving ourselves a hard time when we don’t live up to these unrealistic expectations every day.

It may be that there is, in fact, an alignment issue and more layers are ready to be shed and deep work to be done…

Perhaps, though, it might just be that the Universe is testing your resolve…


These past few weeks I have observed myself within an unsettling period of transition.
All feels a little shaky and uncertain

I know that this is just a little game the Universe likes to play with me.

It urges me to keep honing and clarifying my vision, let go of all that doesn’t serve my bigger picture, and do the work I need to do to be ready for the next step – which is often unknown to me until it is in front of my feet!

When I align with my soul’s purpose, this deeper calling extinguishes ANY ideas around ‘giving up’ or ‘backing down’ as I have work to do in the world that is greater than the ‘me’, and unique gifts to offer…

My desire to be of service trumps all other plans.

I know it is hard though honey… I hear you.
I question all the time, and sometimes feel so overwhelmed that I think about giving up.

The feeling of being in service and total, blissful alignment ensures though that I will never EVER give up.

As my incredibly amazing and gifted business coach (and dear sister) often shares, sometimes it is a case of the breakdown before the breakthrough…


So what can you do when your path feels like it is being relentlessly assaulted by one roadblock after another?

How do we know if is merely a test to see how much we want our vision to manifest, or a sign that the current configuration needs some subtle adjustment?

Here are a few things you could try:

+ Meditation
When we create spaciousness around the constant cacophony that is life, we are more able to access hidden truths behind the bedlam.
Taking time to be still and quiet may just allow the answers to your enquires to flow forth.
Find a moment, get comfy, close the eyes and observe.

+ Ask the right question.
The art of self-enquiry has helped me countless times when I felt unsure of which way to go.
This again needs a devoted moment for stillness.
Allow the question to arise organically, and if you aren’t sure what to ask, then simply pose the question ‘What do I need to know right now’?
Be patient…

+ Recalibrate
Spend some time honing in on, redefining and clarifying your purpose and what it is you feel called to do here.
Is your current direction aligning with or taking you off course?
Make some changes to course correct if necessary.

+ Be prepared to do the work
Sometimes these road blocks are the Universe’s last resort in trying to get a clear message to you…so pay attention!
Maybe there IS work to be done, so buckle down and get ready to let go, surrender and shed some comfortable layers.
This will be the ride of your life if you give it the chance!

+ Stay in your truth
When self doubt, resistance and self sabotage come to play, let them know loud and clear that you won’t be put off by their fear mongering and stories.
KNOW your truth and hold it close always!
It’s burning light will show you the way through any darkness.

+ Trust your inner wisdom.
That feeling inside that lets you know a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ when things are aligned?
That voice that maybe you discard or override?
She always knows what to do, so let her whispered wisdom lead the way when you feel lost.


Feeling crystal clear on your calling won’t stop the Universe from showering your journey with challenge after confronting challenge.
If anything, she may even throw more fireballs your way to really test your resolve!

All we can do is be present to each unfolding moment and what is asks of us, and do the best we can.
That’s it!
Do your best…always.
This is all the Universe really wants from and for us.

Delightfully simple really…


When in your life, sweet sister, have you felt this Universal test and how did it unfold for you?
I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Feel free to share my musings far and wide too so more women may hear the message.

Until next time, stay true to your dream!

Love and light, 
Star xxxxx