Nourish and Nurture

Embracing the shadow....

Embracing the shadow....

Here in the shadow light ceases to exist and all there is darkness.
Darkness threatening to consume...and so I let it for a time.

Here in the shadow all feels wearisome and heavy, like a weighted blanket is draped over my body and the effort to shake it from my shoulders requires more energy than I have to give right now.

Here in the shadow I can't escape...and so I stop trying to.
Instead I dive deep into the sensations in my body, the trapped emotions, the thoughts...

But is it ok to allow myself to feel all of it, or is it better to say a few affirmations, shove it down to that hidden silent place where it resides most of the time and get on with it?

Do I deny my shadow or embrace it?

Gentleness as a default setting....

Gentleness as a default setting....

Today I start with a quote from the divine Danielle Laporte...

"When you’re hammering yourself for being in pain again, gentleness is actually a breakthrough."

Can you really feel the potency of her wise words?
Do they resonate?

When I read this recently something deep within me reacted strongly.
It felt like a big wake-up call from the Universe, and when I allowed myself to really feel into the simplicity of the words, a tight knot residing for what feels like an eternity in the very core of my being slowly began to soften. 

So you're telling me there's another way through the struggle?
One where I hold myself with love, tenderness and compassion?
One where I am gentle with myself???


Leaning into Trust...

Leaning into Trust...

Just trust in the Universe.
All you need to do is TRUST....

 I am regularly offered an invitation via a Blog post or self help book suggesting to just let go and TRUST, and all will be well.
My friends swear by it and the people I admire and respect are all for it too.

These sentiments are heard whispered on the wind often in my neck of the woods (being a haven for the alternative thinker), and something within me knows there is truth in this wisdom, but when it's the eleventh hour and the shit is proverbially hitting the fan ,what does this trust biz really look like then?

What is Conscious Rest?

What is Conscious Rest?

I LOVE to rest…
I crave time every day to be still and nourish my system by offering her some time to just be.

This wasn’t always the case though.

I once thought taking a nap was a huge waste of precious time, and slowing down was not an option.
I longed to fill each moment with ‘stuff’ and to suck every last morsel I could out of my waking time.

Oh how things change!

Now, my whole being lovingly whispers to me when I need to stop and reconnect.
And finally I am listening…