Beautiful Sister...

I'm Star Despres - welcome to Way of the Wise Woman.

My gift is to hold space for women who are yearning to RISE into their deepest truth,
and who are ready to unravel old conditioning and beliefs to reclaim themselves and their power fully.

I support women to awaken the dormant yet ever present innate Wise Woman within -
guiding them to REMEMBER through the art of deep presence,
listening and embodiment what has been forgotten, lost or taken.

Empowering them to unlock the feminine codes that lay deep inside - and sharing tools and a way of life inspired by ancient feminine practises and traditions to offer more balance, ease and flow in this busy modern age.

My passions are to share gentle ways to heal from the burn out cycle by showing women how they can ease-fully bring more loving, aligned and embodied Self Care into their lives as a daily devotional practise.

I also feel deeply called to inspire women to radically reclaim rest and align
all that they do with their deeply cyclic feminine nature.

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My Offerings

My divine offerings will lovingly support you to restore, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Inspiration, tools and guidance for how Sacred Self Care
can become a daily devotional + spiritual practise


Rest, reconnect and revitalise +
create space to simply BE



Feminine embodiment and gentle yoga infused practises to awaken or nourish your shakti energy


One Day Silence Retreat, Reclaiming your Power, Rewilding the Feminine. Menstrual Magic + more...


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