When Self Doubt cripples....have FAITH

For the past few weeks there has been much change in the air...
Do you feel it?

The energy of a Super full moon seems to have stirred up much for many.
My sisters have all shared the same thing with me - that things have been intense!

For me this time has been fraught with big emotional releases, uncertainty and an unwelcome dose of self-doubt.

I have been cracked open, felt limitless expansion and allowed all that needed to pass through me to do so unhindered.
It has been exhausting this business of letting go - but there is always a delightful insight or gift at the end of the journey.


We all talk of having faith, but what does it mean beyond the words?

Below is a video I made when I was in the midst of the turmoil.
It is real, raw and me in my utmost vulnerability.


So when life feels like it doesn't have your back; when it all feels too much - how do you land back into unconditional faith?

Here are 5 tools that I use when life is getting me down and I am ready to shift the energy NOW!

+ Stay the course

Stay when it's tough, stay through the tears and confusion, stay when all you really want to do is run....just stay - and wait for the magic to happen.


I know you know this one...but sometimes we all need a little reminder.
Sweetheart, if it's not serving you then it's time to dismantle the hold and simply let it go.

+ Connect with your body and breath

Another surefire remedy to land you back here and move that stagnant energy that has you stuck in confusion, doubt and uncertainty.

+ Believe

Sometimes easier said then done.
Remember who you are beneath all the labels you attach to yourself...and believe you are worthy and deserving of the life you desire!

+ Trust

Even when you can't make sense of all the Universe throws your way, trust that it is unfolding perfectly and ALL for a damn good reason!
Rather than getting caught up in suffering, see the divine timing of it all and the gifts to be gleaned.

Beautiful one life will always have ebbs and flows...of this I am certain.
Our journey is to navigate them with as much ease, joy, grace and effortlessness as we can.

To remember who we are....

So have faith dear one - in yourself, in the 'not-knowing' and in this amazing journey we call life.


What a week!
I'd love to hear how things have been for you so please let me know in the comments below.

Sending you virtual hugs and much love,
Star xxx