What's your story?

Each of us have a collection of stories.
They are ours, for they come from our own unique life journey and experiences.

We cling to them - for reasons known and unknown.
We grasp because we don't know another way; we hold on because without them we feel scared of who we might be; or maybe we actually really believe that they are true.

We all have moments where we identify - some of us more than others.
We may have been carrying the heavy load of these stories for years, and now the burden feels too much.
It's exhausting being so caught up in a fabrication that has no foundation in this moment.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the fluctuations (between being caught in the story and knowing my truth) and am ready to wholeheartedly embrace another way - one where in each and every moment I know who I am at the core.
Divine, beautiful, unique, perfectly imperfect...

So darling one - are you ready to liberate yourself, let it go once and for all and see beyond the story to the beautiful truth of who you are?
Ready to lay down your story??


Being mindful of the story (like all mindfulness practises) takes loving patience and fierce focus.
But I know you can do it honey!

If you truly desire to stop attaching to the old, then here are a few tools that might ease the journey.

Practise Breath Awareness
+ A simple, effortless and beautiful way to come back.
When the story takes hold of you (whether you notice it immediately are after 10 minutes) then turn your attention to the rhythmic breath and watch as the story dissolves into nothingness. 

Change the scenery

+ Move your body, go outside - do whatever you need to do to mix it up and notice how your focus moves away from the story and onto the new activity. 
If you are surrounded by people, or just don't feel safe, then sometimes distraction might be the best choice due to the circumstances you find yourself in.

Feel the feelings
+ This one may feel uncomfortable, but sometimes leaning in and really allowing the emotions behind the story to be felt can open up space for a shift and release to occur.
This one is best practised when you have the space to go deep and when you feel safe to explore what's hidden.

Write it out
+ Journalling what's there is also another way to get it out of your head.
Insights are often hidden between the lines and seeing the story outside of yourself is often a refreshing way to see how unreal and untrue it actually is.


As you begin to explore remember...
Be gentle with yourself.
Believe in yourself beautiful!
There is no time like the present to fully believe in you and your unique gifts!

The stories you are holding onto have possibly been directing the show for a long time, and may take time to really drop away.

It's like peeling back an onion - layer by layer will reveal another level to the story.
So take it slow, trust and continue to stay mindful.

You deserve to shine!


What stories do you feel are still running things for you? 
For me it has been feeling like a failure and not feeling good enough.

Here you are safe to open up and share vulnerably, so I'd love to hear in the comments below what story you are finally ready to let go of.

With love,
Star xxxx