Soulful Enquiry - Who's there behind the mask?

Self-Enquiry is a delicious daily practise for me and has been a revelational part of my journey towards healing and a deeper connection to my essence.

When I take the time to soften into stillness, my conditioned and self-imposed layers begin to dissolve and melt away, and I become more truly aligned with my soul’s purpose here.

But what does it actually mean to enquire into the self?
To take a dive deep within on a journey of self-discovery?

Is it a simple and gentle quest that brings about a profound transformation into unveiling the truth of who you are?
Or is it a vigil into the dark night of the soul filled with doubt, fear and uncertainty?


We can all relate to a jaunt off the straight and narrow and into the unknown vastness and possibility of self-realisation.

This doesn’t have to be an exploration shrouded in spiritual jargon though.

There are times for us all when we question who we are, why we are here and what our true purpose in this lifetime is.

So what does it look like to lean in close and sip the enchantment of being truly and authentically with yourself in all your stunning uniqueness?
Without the veils and masks?

What’s there beneath it all??


For me, Self-Enquiry has become a handful of delightful daily rituals and an unwavering presence to what is right here in front of me.

It is…

+ Drinking in ALL that is there in each delicious moment, especially when the taste is a little bitter.
+ A yummy cocktail of deep rest and Self Care.
+ Devoted mindfulness that is woven into even the most menial tasks of my day.
+ The sweet surrender into the flow of all things.
+ A formal meditation practise.
+ Journaling my heart out.
+ Asking the right questions and getting quiet enough to hear a whispered response.
+ Time for stillness and silence EVERY day.

So what does it look like for you?

Do you allow space each day to simply turn inwards from the constant pull of the external world to become better acquainted with your authentic self?

If you were to stop right now, close your eyes and snuggle in close, what would you find?




Can you stay with it all?
Lean in and then lean in some more.
Who are you sweet soul?
In this moment?

There’s no need to create a story beautiful.
Just let it all unfold before your eyes and lovingly embrace it ALL.


The rewards I receive from looking within?

Meeting life with more presence and peace.
+ Feeling deeply connected to my inner voice.
+ Aligning and realigning with my soul purpose.
+ Moments of delightful stillness where inspiration is born.
+ Seeing beyond the Self to the oneness of it all.
+ Unveiling hidden truths that make life better!
+ More focus and ability to accept the moment just as it is.
+ Did I say more PEACE?!!

When you choose to journey the path less travelled and delve into the inner realms of the unknown, remember…

There is nothing to change, fix or judge.
After the unveiling all becomes clear.

You are beautiful perfection; divine and boundless.
Filled to capacity with love, light and compassion.

It's time to crack open your heart honey and let its gloriousness shine out into the world!
Each day is a new dawn and a new opportunity to reconnect and realign with your true inner nature.


So I leave you with a question...and an invitation.

How can you find some time each and every day to journey within?

It doesn't need to take up vast amounts of time, you might even tune in when you are going about the things you do daily anyway - like when you are in the shower.

I invite you now to lovingly create space to cultivate and nourish the most important relationship you will ever have.

The one you have with your Self...


Beautiful sister, how do you lean in and peel back the layers?
What do you discover when you do?

I'd love to know so please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

May your days be filled with curiosity...

Much love,
Star xxx