Living ‘in the moment’ – 5 simple tools for bringing more presence and joy into your day.

I have always thrived on routine.
I am a list lover and get immense pleasure ticking things off as accomplished.
Done and dusted.

Yep, that’s how I like it.
I have even been known to create lists of the lists I need to make.

A little over the top?

I like to be in charge and in control and feel challenged when my ideal outcome or plans goes awry.

I get disappointed over unmet expectations and frustrated when things don’t work out exactly like I had played it out in my head.

Sound familiar?

I am sure you can relate to some of what I have shared, even if like me it is more a part of a past self than your current life approach.


Ever since my early twenties I have been on a journey of sorts.

Seeking truth, or exploring new ways to look at this life and how I live it has ever been a part of this incredible ride.
Over the years, within the countless workshops attended and books read, there is one concept that continued to show up again and again.

Live ‘in the moment’.
Be ‘in the now’.

I know you’ve heard this idea before.
You would have to be literally living under a rock not to have come across this very simple yet profound philosophy.

The idea that all we have is this moment is Universal.
There is not one other soul on this beautiful planet that doesn’t fall under the spell and immenseness of this idea.

All we have is this moment…

Anything else is either a projection of the future (which of course hasn’t actually happened yet), or, a trip down memory lane (which has been and gone).
Right now, right here, is ALL we can be sure of, so letting the mind get caught up in worrying about something that has happened or lost in a past experience that can’t be changed really is fairly futile.

But we all do it right?

It’s easy to get ambushed by the mind and before you are even aware of it you can be lost to the future or past for long periods of time before the penny drops and you come back to what’s right in front of you.

The hard part is the coming back.

So many of us live in a way where we are NEVER really present to the amazing beauty that surrounds us Every. Single. Moment.

Life on autopilot is a sad reality for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
With a little effort and attention you can shift gears, moving forever out of auto drive and gliding effortlessly into being here now.

So what do you need to do?

Here are a few tools for bringing some more ‘present moment awareness’ into your life.


I LOVE this one!
Having always been seen as the ‘black sheep’ in my family (hopefully in a loving kind of way!) I am very familiar with doing things slightly or extremely different.
Rebelling comes easy for me, but it might be a different story for you.
Rigidity creates more stagnancy so why not embrace flow and ease instead?

Letting go of attachment to your routine, or how you’ve always done things, and rather taking the time to ‘feel into’ what might serve you instead is a great place to start for being more present.


Life on autopilot is the way so many beautiful souls live their entire existence.
The daily drudge can get dreary pretty quickly.
This often leads to a life devoid of meaning and joy.
I am all for shaking things up, so why not try letting some spontaneous acts pave the way instead of tired and old routines that leave you numb and disconnected.
It is way more fun and drops you smack bang ‘in the moment’.


I write about mindfulness a lot, and there is a damn good reason for it!
‘Being’ in the now takes devoted patience and a keen desire.
Practising mindfulness – the ability to be fully aware of each unfolding moment and all it entails in the mental, emotional and physical bodies – is truly the best tool I have embraced for living a conscious and present life.


I can’t emphasise enough the amazing benefits of a daily meditation practise.
The practise of consciously taking time out each day to sit with yourself and simply observe what arises lays a strong foundation for your mindfulness practise, and sets you up for being more easily able to land back ‘in the moment’ when you become lost to thought.


It may be the last on my list, but it is definitely not the least of the tools I am offering to live a more present life.
Knowing what you absolutely love – what fills you up with immense joy – can be a journey for many to uncover and reveal.
Following that joy is another thing altogether!
The ego wants to keep things under control and safe (or known), so it will come up with a hundred different reasons why choosing a certain path may not be the best choice for you.
The sabotage will be in full swing, and the ‘what ifs’ too.
My invitation is for you to trust your inner wisdom instead, and allow your intuition to lead the way.
Following your joy and living a life you love is another way to stay deeply immersed in the moment – for when you are doing something that elicits such a strong response of happiness you can’t help but want to stay in it!


Embracing each moment, no matter how challenging, ensures that you live this life to the fullest and don’t miss out on a single drop of the endless joy that is your birthright.
Though sometimes confronting, and not always easy, the rewards of ‘living in the moment’ are so worth the effort.


Do you sometimes feel lost to your thoughts?
Does life feel a little lacklustre at times?
Are you allowing yourself to experience all that you can?

I do hope you found my tools insightful and helpful.
I’d love to hear any other ways you bring a more aware and ‘in the now’ approach to your life, so please feel free to share in the comments below.

May your week be filled with spontaneous adventure!

Much love beautiful,
Star xxxxx