How to live abundantly EVERY day.

‘I am now living a life filled with abundance’

This is just one of a few affirmations that I repeat often to myself as I move through my day.
I whisper it softly, write it in bold colour, and sometimes even shout it out to the Universe.

The reason?

Negative views around money ran the show in my world for way to long.
For years I was stuck unaware in ‘poverty consciousness’, not realising how I was unintentionally keeping myself there via the thoughts I allowed to penetrate my waking moments and by the words I actually spoke without a second thought.

“I can’t afford to….”
“I don’t have enough money to….”
"There's not enough ...."

I was coming from a space of ‘lack’ and ‘not enough’.
The outcome meant that all I was desperate to move away from - constant worry around cash flow, struggle and suffering - was exactly what I called in due to the conversations I had every day with the Universe.


What is abundance anyway?
What does it mean for you to live an abundant life?

For many it relates only to how much money they have sitting in the bank or how much ‘stuff’ they have managed to accumulate.

For me, abundance is something altogether different.

It is so much more than a tally of my assets or stash of cash.
It moves so far beyond and so much deeper than any concept of money or material possession.

For me it is a state of being.
An energetic and magnetic way of living in alignment with the law of attraction.
A way of connecting with the all-giving Universe to tap into my natural birthright of prosperity.

It is feeling affluent despite how much money I have in my pocket and rich regardless of what I own.

It is feeling enough, always.
And it is feeling looked after and supported by something greater than the ‘I’.

Unfortunately at some point I think a lot of us may have inadvertently got caught up in counting our pennies and collecting ‘things’ in order to feel abundant, and this is where we got a little lost and off track.


The Universe desires nothing more than to answer our requests promptly by manifesting exactly what we are asking for.
Our thoughts and words are power filled.

The Universe isn’t fussed whether our chosen desires are intentional (like my daily affirmations) or accidental (think an unconscious stream of negative thoughts or a verbal rant).
If we think it and/or say it, then a delicate dance begins and it slowly starts to gather energy to it for its fruition into reality.

Something I have been working on for a while is my strong desire to change old patterns and create new neural pathways pertaining to tired negative views around money and abundance.
To do this I am choosing to become more mindful of the thoughts that I give energy too and the words I select to speak.

All it takes is a moment to pause, realign and bring mindful observation to where my energy is directed.

With this crystal clear clarity and laser like focus I can begin to change the old ways into something more positively aligned with the abundant way I desire to meet life now.


So how else can you live a life of abundance?

Here are some of the simple ways I like to bring an attitude of abundance into my life each day.

When I do I am left feeling at one with everything, in control of the reality in which I want to exist within, and deeply at peace.

Yes I know you’ve heard this one before.
The thing is this is a REALLY powerful practise!
My daily gratitude practise where I lovingly rest into being truly grateful for all the gifts I enjoy in each moment leaves me feeling rich beyond words.
The key is to look beyond the more obvious things, like family or friends, for the more subtle things that make you feel blessed.

Getting caught up in the busyness of day-to-day modern living often leaves us feeling exhausted, depleted and missing out on the rich and joyful moments which give our lives true meaning.
Being mindful to the beauty of the ‘now’ allows us to see the abundance of each divine moment as it unfolds.

Ah one of my favourites!
Creating rituals that make you feel good, giving back to yourself and putting your self first really does put you in a stellar position to attract all sorts of abundant energy to you – for you are coming from a place of fullness and possibility, not depletion and lack.

When you can truly accept all aspects of yourself and hold yourself with unconditional love, then you become a shining beacon that the Universe can’t help but notice.
Loving yourself wholeheartedly sets up a pattern of remembering that abundance is your natural state of being, not something you have to work hard for or need to make endless sacrifices to experience.

You may be a unique individual having a human experience, but you are not separate.
Truly, you are never really alone - even if at times it feels like you are.The relationships you create and the connections you nourish are an important part of nurturing an abundant outlook in life.

Take the time daily to connect in with yourself, make time to connect in with the people in your life who ‘fill you up’ and most importantly create space to connect in with nature.
These connections are part of living a happy and contented life.

Knowing why you are here, what your gifts are to offer the world and aligning with your purpose sets you on a path of attracting abundance to you – in all it’s manifestations.
When you are following your truth, the Universe can’t help but provide abundance.

This is a biggie for many!
Learning the art of receiving - from yourself, others and the Universe – is part of living an abundant life.
Be open to receive and allow these gifts to flow into your life.
Let go of any resistance and know you are worthy and deserving.

'Give and you shall receive'.
Sounds simple enough but this concept is hard for many to grasp.
When you are caught up in an energy of lack, then the gift of giving can be hard.
The act of giving – whether by offering your time, expertise or financial support to a charity of choice - is one of the most profound ways I have experienced to live an abundant life.

Giving unconditionally, trusting that I am well looked after, and tapping into the energy of generosity and tithing lets the Universe know loud and clear that I am open to abundance on all levels.


Living an abundant life doesn’t have to be hard.
In fact it is so simple that I am sure you are already doing a few on the list already.

The greatest challenge to living a life filled with abundance is changing your mindset around what abundance actually is, or could be.
The practise then comes by continuously aligning and realigning with this new thought pattern so that you might effortlessly bring this energy into your life more and more.

The rewards - endless abundance in every part of your life!


I’d so love to know how you bring abundance into your day and what your challenges are
sweet soul, so let me know in the comments below.

May your days be ever rich with abundance.

Much love always,
Star xxxxx


Banner picture: AlicePopkorn / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND