What does 'Life On Your Terms' look like?

A wise sister recently shared with me some sage advice.
It came in the midst of her witnessing me in a moment of vulnerability and raw release.

She asked me tenderly how she could help...
Did I want to be held, simply witnessed or was I open to her take?
In that dark moment I was happy to hear any insight she might have that would shift me out of the despair I was feeling.

What I wasn't expecting was how deep her words would go, or how they would stay with me and in me for days, reverberating like a sacred drum  - loud and clear.


Sometimes we can know something intellectually, but we haven't perhaps completely embodied it in our bones.
It can take years or sometimes only just minutes (if we are truly ready) for these knowings to move from our mind and cement themselves into our being as truth.

On this particularly stormy day (within me, not out there in the sky), the words landed gently yet intensely into my open and expanded heart and silently wove their way down deep into my womb.

Life on my terms...
What does that even look like?


+ Align your actions with your core desired feelings
You don't have to have delved into Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map process (though this is a wonderful place to start!) to know somewhere inside what it is you really want to feel most of the time and what it is you want to call in by aligning what you do with these feelings.

+ Take time to continuously reassess what you want
The ever evolving nature of life is that all things change and shift - this is a certainty.
Assuming that your feelings, aspirations and visions don't also fall prey to the nature of impermanence is an oversight for many.
Spend some time regularly tuning in to see if you are still in the flow or feeling a little stuck.
A subtle adjustment( or a huge overhaul) might be on the cards.

+ Follow your joy
I have written about this one many times, and it keeps coming up for a reason.
LIfe is meant to be filled with joyful bliss - and in each and every moment we have the opportunity to make choices that continue to bring us joy, rather than suffering.
Simply put - do what you love!
The rest will flow...

+ Trust your own inner voice - not someone else's.
How often do you put your faith in someone else's wisdom?
I am not talking about seeking advice from a professional in their field when you need specific help in an area that is not your forte.
There are always going to be times in your life when drawing on the knowledge and insight of a another - whether that someone is specifically trained or gifted in what you are seeking, or they are your good friend who can offer an inside view without the emotion - is the path that needs to be tread.
What I am referring to are those life decisions ( big or small) that have the immense power to alter the trajectory of your journey forever.
Only you know your Self intimately enough to connect with what your intuition is whispering to you.
Tune in, trust and you will be lovingly guided to what is best for you in each moment.

+Reclaim your power and take a stand for yourself
YOU are the master of your own destiny!
Living life on your terms isn't always easy, for you may at times have to go up against the status quo (scary for those who aren't naturally rebellious) or go toe to toe with your own conditioned patterning around what you think is expected of you, or what you expect of yourself

This is YOUR life!
How you want it to look is up to you, no-one else.
In this body - right now - you get one go at the immense gift that is life.
If you were to project your self forward 10 or even 20 years, what do you want it to look like?

In the words of my wise sister - 'If you knew (without a shadow of a doubt) that you were looked after (emotionally, financially, spiritually - ALL of it), how would you show up each day?
What choices would you make NOW?

I will leave you with that to ponder bright soul...

LIfe on your terms - what does it look like?
What are your non - negotiables? Let me know in the comments...for when we open our heart and share we enable another to open up too.

Sending you an abundance of joy and love,
Star xxxxx