A love note to my sister...

A beautiful new day has dawned, and I am feeling deeply called to hold space for you, so that you may hold space for yourself.

Below darling heart, is a little love note I wrote to myself when I was feeling in need of an extra dose of loving kindness and compassion.

Now, I share these gentle words so that you too may feel held and remember your own beautiful and uniquely divine nature...


Sweet soul sister,

Be gentle with yourself.
Be kind and easy on yourself.

Let the self-sabotage and cruel inner talk melt into the ether.
BREATHE darling.

All is well...

There’s no need to judge sweet one..
You are a divine star -  a luscious spark of beauty filled wisdom.

Let kindness and self-love emanate from your pores like a river of fluidity flowing always to a surrendered shore.

Sink into it gentle one.
Allow it to permeate you on every level of your being.

Feel it and be it…
Taste it on your tongue - that honeyed nectar of deep connection and true bliss.

Rest your weary soul here a while sister.

You are loved.
You are whole.
You are enough.

You are not alone...

Tend to your needs like you would an innocent child’s, with devoted compassion and unconditional understanding.

I am here...let me hold you.
Together…we are one.

There is nothing to change.
No-one to be - nowhere to go.

All there is to do is open, soften and let go.


Trust and allow yourself to receive all the gifts the Universe has to offer.

You are truly worthy.
You are more than enough.
You are deserving.

I believe in you...

I love you.
ALL of you..right now in this moment!


I hope my sharing reminds you of your precious divinity.
May you forever know the beauty that resides within you.

With an abundance of love for you this day...
Star xxxx