Listen close sister…
Can you hear the whisperings of a revolution?

It’s happening all around us, right now.
And every cell in my body wants in.


It’s time to get real now.
Really real…

Because life is only going to get busier, more exhausting, more overwhelming UNLESS you take a stand for yourself now.

What might it look like for you to find a new way of being a woman in today’s over stimulating, ‘switched on’ and stress filled world?
How would it feel to be deeply connected to your inner wisdom and to navigate life from this sacred place?
To slow down, honour your natural womanly cycles and let go of the need to always be ‘on’ ‘busy’ and ‘doing’?

Mmm…can you feel it?

Imagine a life of purpose, presence and peace fuelled by love.
A life where the art of rest, reflection and feminine flow were an integral part of how you showed up and shined in the world?
A life where you don’t need to constantly override your system every moment of every day JUST to survive?

I’m all about thriving.
You with me?


Sisters it's time to lay the old ways to rest.

A paradigm shift is in order.
In fact, it’s way overdue...

How much suffering do we need to endure before we are willing to be open to change?
How many women need to slide down the slippery slope of self-sabotage fed by a lack of self-love and acceptance before we stand up and say ENOUGH??

I am on a mission…

I have a vision…

Together let’s bury the antiquated masculine ideals that have led so many of us into burn out, exhaustion and a host of health issues.

What I am offering and inviting is a new way…or some may say a re-alignment with a long forgotten ancient way of being in the world as a woman.

Can we let go of our hard-earned martyr mask for a moment to imagine a life without it?
Can we instead carve a profound and enlightened path forward for each other where we create the bliss filled lives we deserve without the need for compromise and martyrdom?

To this I say a loud and resolute YES!

But we need to change an old mindset first…and this might take some focused attention and time.


So what does a women embracing the New Feminine Paradigm look like?
Here's my take...

She is fierce to behold, passionate beyond words and deeply determined and dedicated to create change..
She is aligned with her truth and cherishes every opportunity for self growth.

She ardently takes a stand for:

+ Less doing and more being.
+ The beauty of a daily gratitude practise.
+ Learning to speak your truth - the art of saying an enlightened 'no'.
+ Honouring your feminine cycles.
+ Learning to put your needs first.
+ The importance of deep rest.
+ Taking time every day to be still.
+ Being in nature - often.
+ Moving your body and freeing up your energy.
+ The gifts of a daily meditation and mindfulness practise.
+ Trusting your intuition and listening to your inner wisdom.
+ Dropping the inner critic - letting go of self-sabotage and self-doubt.
+ Sisterhood and collaboration over isolation and competition.
+ Cultivating daily Self Love.
+ Embracing Self Care as a sacred act.
+ Following your joy...always.


One of the main aspects for me when it comes to embracing this new paradigm is a re-connection with the great goddess within.

I hope through my sharing and the insights gained through my own journey to nourish, guide and inspire you to finally, and maybe for the first time, honour your divine feminine essence.

Not in your head...
You’ve got to truly embody the concept.

Each time you make a choice to deeply listen to your needs and intuition you are dreaming up a new possibility.
For yourself…and for humanity.

We are co-creating this New Feminine Paradigm…
YOU and ME together.

So what’s it going to take for you to really hear my words?
What needs to happen for you to feel ready to TAKE A STAND?

I truly believe everything is possible if we shine our light and intention on it.
I know with a sprinkle of optimism, fierce focus and a pocketful of positivity we can achieve all that we aspire towards and find a new, more gentle way to do it.

Same destination, different route.

Only when our internal GPS is being led from the heart and guided by the gut, not mindlessly driven by the mind, can we make choices which align with staying true to our feminine.

Only when we are able to authentically honour our own needs and dedicate time for self-nurturing, and only when our divine cup is overflowing with self-love, will we have access to an abundance of vitality and energy to share with our loved ones and all of humanity.

Only then will we truly SHINE.


So my darling one, are you fired up and ready to join the revolution?
Are you ready to take control(in the most gentle and feminine way) and co-create your best life ever?!

Are you part of the New Feminine Paradigm?

Let me know in the comments below if you feel the call to step up..
Maybe there are other traits you feel could be added to my list? Be sure to pass them on...

May your week be one of alignment, bliss and joy!

Much love,
Star xxxxx