What's holding you back?

When it comes to taking time out for you, what gets in the way?
What stops you from giving back to yourself every day?
What can you let go of honey?


This is something I have been pondering for quite some time...

I see and work with women who appear happy to give their time or money to everything and everyone else in their lives  - the bills/ biz/ family - yet when it comes to nurturing themselves they come last on the list, by which time the the money's been spent or they've run out of time...

As women we are natural nurturers, but who nurtures us if we don't make the effort?

I am curious...and desperate!
I want to help women love themselves more but find myself coming up against lots of resistance...


In the video below I ask you a critical question...
What is holding you back??


So what arose for you?
When you took a moment to ask and reflect, what was the first thing that came to mind?

Wass it outdated thought patterns and old conditioning?
Was it the tired idea that to put yourself first might mean that you are actually selfish?
Maybe it was a belief that you aren't worthy?

I'd so appreciate your help and insights as it might just help me help another woman find a way to love herself more. 

What a gift that would be...


My ultimate goal?

To fuel a revolution in Self Love and Self Care!
Can you help me?

Let me know your thoughts...

Have a week filled with LOVE!

Star xxxxx