The dark side of shining bright...

Have you ever experienced that delicious moment when ALL fell into place in perfect alignment and for the first time ever you KNEW that you were following the path you were meant to tread?

When the years of soul searching, personal ‘work’ and deep desire all lined up clearly to reveal a crystal clear road to take.

That something inside you ‘clicked’, and a deep secret yearning was finally being acknowledged and fulfilled.

There is nothing quite like it.

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience this moment in your own life, then you know the sweet joy that discovering, reclaiming and owning your truth brings.

You know the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself and of letting this energy flow and move through you, a gentle voice guiding you always to your soul’s purpose.

The all-knowing Universe sees all, desires only the best for you, and wants nothing more than to inspire you to blossom and grow into your full and highest potential.

But, do we feel this unconditional love and support from all in our circle, or, is the intensity of our burning flame to hot for some to handle?


 A close friend shared with me recently an incident that had unfolded during her week, and which left her feeling the intense sting of the dark side.

This is a beautiful woman who has made a deep commitment to herself to no longer ‘hide’ her gifts through fear of ridicule, and is, instead, courageously stepping up and into the shining light of her true dharma and life’s work.

Yet she was left questioning her path when she felt the toxic effect of another’s ‘view’ on her journey.

At a time when she could be celebrating her incredible powers of manifestation for being blessed with all she has asked for by the Universe, she started to query if she was, in fact, aligned with her chosen path, and the fallout left her feeling troubled by how a ‘good’ friend could be so hurtful.


Ever heard of the Tall Poppy Syndrome??

It goes a bit like this…

Don’t shine too bright, bring too much attention to yourself, excel at anything, and goddess forbid don’t ever feel proud of your achievements, as there will be a whole crowd of people waiting in the wings just begging to bring you down.

For the fire starters and change makers; the light workers and rebels, and especially for the soul seekers empowered to follow their purpose, this kind of ‘reaction’ comes with the territory.

The unfortunate truth is, the shadow WILL rear it's ugly head when feeling threatened by another's 'successes', or 'soul alignment'.

It is the ultimate in 'ego' suffering and reeks of the other coming from a place of 'separateness'.

This ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality has undertones firmly planted in the idea of scarcity, that there isn’t ‘enough’ for us all, and to feel good in ourselves we need to bring another down.

This way of ‘being’ in the world only leads to more suffering, generally for the one dishing out the negativity.

The irony?
It is actually fuel for the fire as this kind of ‘knock ‘em down’ approach only strengthens the resolve of the one in the light to shine even brighter than before.

 Accepting that not every one will love or even like you is part and parcel of this exquisite journey.
When you vulnerably show up in your life without ‘dimming’ it down; boldly ‘put yourself out there’, and authentically align with your deepest purpose, ALL is possible.

The Universe IS total abundance.
There IS enough for everyone…more than enough actually.


So, if you’ve ever felt the sting of the dark side, here are a few things you might like to try:

+ Use the experience to hone your spiritual practise by embracing the beautiful art of non-attachment.
 Allow the harshness to simply melt away; let it go for it is not your burden to carry.

+ Follow your heart and stay aligned with your truth - believe always in the higher purpose of every moment and experience you are gifted with.

+ Co-create a new sisterhood with some amazing ‘game-changing’ women where inspiring and helping each other rise up and blossom is the order of the day.

+ Give those who deem to judge the proverbial ‘finger’ by SHINING brighter than you ever thought possible!


So please don’t give up on yourself honey, or buy into the false words spoken by another.
Let the words of the naysayers and downers, complainers and cynics be no more than a slight ruffle in your breeze.

Embrace your unique talent and let your star soar high in the sky, for the world NEEDS you and your gift.


If you have been on the other side of some catty criticism and feel to share, I’d love to hear about your experiences and what you did to overcome them.
So please leave a comment below.

In love, joy and eternal support for each other,
Star xxxxxx