Following your JOY – the Feminine way.

I love the idea that when we are able to let go of control and surrender to the Universal flow of all things, we are gifted with opportunities that seem to just come our way effortlessly.

That we always have the power to choose where to place our focus and energy at any given moment, this choice leading us directly to suffering or contentment.

But what happens when we push too hard towards a desired outcome?
Does the Universe push back?

One of my beautiful sisters shared with me recently how much she loved following her joy, and that when she did, magic happened.

But how many of us really move through life this way in reality?
In theory it sounds like bliss, but how does this picture paint out in real life?

Another conversation this week had me discussing the benefits of
‘allowing’ spaciousness for things to unfold in a more aligned and flowing way, rather than trying
to ‘manufacture’ or ‘create’ the right solution from a space of rigidity and force.


If we get the results we wanted, what does it really matter anyway?

It matters because often there is an unseen price to pay that is way to high or costs way more than we bargained for.

We run the risk of exhaustion and depletion when we continue to silence the voice of our inner wisdom and make choices that move us away from our truth.


So let me ask you…

When you are in the process of bringing to fruition your visions, or just simply trying to make an important decision, where are you feeling the energy flow in your body and what does it feel like?

Is it a hard, sticky and solid mass that takes ALL your efforts to make an impression in, or, does it have a soft, viscous and permeable nature?
Do you feel like you are banging your head against a concrete wall to no avail or does all unfold organically?

The differences between moving with the feminine rather than from the masculine are worlds apart.
One asks us to open to possibility while the other has us trying to move stagnant energy and make decisions from sheer will.

Both have their part to play, but my feelings are that for way too long women have strayed from the feminine and been caught in a fiery funk with the masculine, and we have suffered because of it.

For many women, this outdated ‘masculine’ approach to manifestation has us trying hard to ‘achieve’ a desired result, often leading to the appearance of a series of roadblocks.
These clear signposts are messages from the Universe to let us know that we are out of alignment somewhere and need to course-correct immediately to ‘unblock’ the flow again.


So what tools do we call on to free up the flow?

+ There is always the breath, boundless and ever near.
Pause and rest back into her, letting her peace and serenity wash over you.
Notice as the energy gently begins to move once more.

+ Sensations in your body will always point you in the right direction, so lean in and feel what is going on. 

+ Being fully present and letting the mind chatter and ‘stories’ drop away will allow for some calm and quiet to ensue, and from here things will slowly start to shift. 


On a final note…

How often do you notice yourself getting caught up in an energy of ‘pushing’ or ‘striving’ towards realising your dream?? 
Almost always?

What if, instead, you were to tap into your limitless reservoir of infinite flow?
What if you were to cultivate more of those juicy and fluid feminine qualities of ‘surrender’, ‘not-knowing’ and true ‘letting go’.

If you had absolutely no attachment to the outcome and rather just melted into the moment and within that moment continued to do what you love, what brings you joy…what might that look like?

In my own life this way of following my bliss has been a revelation after years of coming from a very masculine ‘strive’ and ‘achieve’ mentality.

I compromised my health and my connection with my feminine essence by moving towards my goals this way, and it has taken years to reclaim some balance.

The alignment I now feel within when I slow down and ‘feel’ into a situation, rather than just overriding and treading that well and truly worn path of ‘pushing’ for an outcome, is pure delight!

So next time you are facing a crossroads in life, or are uncertain which path to take, pause and notice the energy of the moment.
Is there flow or are you stuck?
Where can you loosen your grip a little and allow movement to be initiated from following your joy?

For when you do, the Universe takes notice and gives you MORE of what you are moving towards.
Life becomes an endless adventure of beautiful and joy filled moments all unfolding into the next.


I’d love to know how you follow your joy, so be sure to leave a comment below.

In bliss,