Resistance is futile...

I LOVE how the Universe knows exactly what to serve up for our highest purpose and growth, and does so with ease and without apology.

I’ve always believed that lessons come in all shapes and sizes, ready and ripe for the picking if only we are open and willing to seize the insight in the moment.

Alas, most of us are either half asleep, or caught up in our own self made ‘busyness’ that we miss the nuggets of wisdom that are there to be drawn out.

Resistance, in all its manifestations, is something we all toil with in our unique and divine dance as a soul having a human experience.

Resistance to change, to letting go and to opening up.
Resistance to sharing, to being supported and to showing our true selves to the world.

The biggest struggle I experience is resistance to what is actually happening in the moment when things go a little off kilter.
Letting go of any expectation I may have to how a situation ‘should’ unfold, can cause a strong reaction within me, and I sometimes get stuck in truly surrendering to the flow of things, especially when it is not in alignment with my desired outcome.

There are literally thousands of things we, as a society, are collectively avoiding, moving away from and closing ourselves to.
Isn’t it time we leaned in close, opened our arms and went WITH the flow?
What might it look like to reject resistance outright?


Recently, I had an experience that I couldn’t help but hone in on and take time to reflect deeply upon.
My beautiful little girl Willow was avid that she did not want to stay for a play at her besty’s while I did some work growing my business.

This arrangement had been happily in place for a few months, but for the past few weeks there had been a shift, and more and more she had been needing to have time with me.
Uninterrupted one-on-one time.
Just us girls.

When I arrived at my friend’s place I was filled with optimism and hope.
Hope that today she would be cool to stay and optimistic that I might have a few hours space to devote to my passion and service.

Alas, this was not to be, for as soon as I mentioned it was time for mama to go she attached herself to my leg like a little limpet and demanded that she was coming home too.

Now, this is not the place to go into all the reasons she may been feeling this way (and trust me, I have sat with this one), rather what I want to share is my experience and how I quickly moved from hope to resistance within a mere breath cycle.

I could feel my stomach tightening up, my shoulders moving towards my ears and my jaw starting to clench.
Physical sensations are an excellent way to observe habitual patterns so I leaned in and took a closer look.

I was upset that things had not gone according to my plan and found myself feeling frustrated and annoyed.

As a full time mama who consciously chose not to put my little girl in care until she was almost 3, time out for work is precious, so I make the most of all the moments I have, no matter how brief.
Missing this time triggered a bucket load of resistance in me!


Though this experience wasn’t pleasant whilst in it, the beauty was that my focus had shifted away from being ‘caught up’ in the story, to the one of the witness, and I was able to see all this unfolding from the place of the observer.

I watched and felt as these sensations rippled through my physical and emotional layers, but I was unable to stop them.

I knew I was stuck in resistance, but in that moment I was lost to it

Eventually, the moment passed, and I realigned and accepted things as they were.
Once again I was moving from a place of presence and peace.
We came home together and spent the morning playing and connecting.

When we resist the unfolding moment and the lessons that may be gleaned from it, life will usually find another way to highlight the spiritual lesson on offer.

We may hide behind our self-made walls or run fast in the other direction, but the Universe will always catch up and meet us with exactly what we need, whether we like it or not.

To be the best possible version of ourselves is what the Universe truly desires for us,
so it will Keep. On. Giving. until finally it sinks in.

For me, being fully and totally surrendered to the moment has been something I have been working with for a while.

This is an area of spiritual growth I am consciously shining a light on so that I may let go of my attachment and need for all to go as I dictate, and ease the suffering I self inflict each time resistance comes to visit.


If you were to take a moment and reflect the shining light of truth back on to yourself right now, where does the pattern of resistance show up in your life?

Where are you leaning away from the moment and how does this affect all aspects of your being?

Can you allow your Self some freedom and spaciousness to let go of your need to be in control?
How might that look and feel?

Be with your breath…
Become aware of the sensations in your body and move towards them, rather than away.

What do you notice?
What gifts are there behind the suffering?
How far does the ripple effect travel when you resist?

In the end, all you really need to do is trust that the Universe has your back and jump into letting go of your hold on life.

Trust the flow and bigger picture behind all your experiences…

For when you do, each unfolding moment will be filled to the brim with insight, growth and beauty, if you allow it to be.


I’d love to know where Resistance rears her ugly head in your life, so share in the comments below your struggles and any ways you have discovered to move through the moment with a little ease.
Your insights might be a ‘light bulb’ moment for someone else.

May your journey be filled with the gift to ‘let go’ and accept ALL that comes your way!

Many Blessings,