Sisterhood - Sharing, Support and the Shadow

This is a call out to ALL women, but in particular those delicious, juicy, amazing, beautiful, gifted and inspiring women in my circle.
You know who you are.

I bow down to you all in total reverence, gratitude and pure love.
My life has NEVER been better and for each of you in all your uniqueness, I am grateful.

For with you by my side I have the power to SHINE beyond my wildest dreams…

IMG_5256star circle_Fotor.jpeg

I have always felt a strong desire and magnetic pull to BE around women.
From as far back as my early twenties I have always had amazing women in my life that inspired, loved and challenged me.
(The kind of challenges that shake your world to the core in a GOOD way)

As a practising witch in those early years, I felt a strong calling to the Goddess.
My love of ritual and connecting to a deep pool of feminine wisdom innate within had me
offering at the shrine of Isis daily.

Though externally it appeared that I was intimately in tune with my feminine,
knew that something was missing.

I CRAVED new ways to be with the women in my life.

I LONGED for an intimacy and connection that was real, raw and radically rebellious.

I was DESPERATE to be heard and held and fully seen - in all my splendour –
the light AND the dark.
For none of us are devoid of the shadow.

I DESIRED deep kinship with sisters who too were on a path of Self-discovery and empowerment.

It has taken years of some deeply personal work, plus the wisdom that comes with life experience, to finally call these women to me.

For we have been delicately moving towards each other, as they too have desired and called into their own lives this beautiful, authentic sisterhood.


Over the last few years I have dived deeper than I have EVER allowed myself into the unknown realms of my own shadow.
I have journeyed through the darkness, into my own personal underworld and bowed down to the Dark Goddess.
I have faced off with fear, danced with doubt and unraveled the stories that have held me back from being fully in the light.

Who knows when the journey will again insist I sit with my shadow, but for now I rest happily once more in the light, many lessons learned and many layers shed.

What insights has my journey revealed?

+ The shadow is within each and every one of us, and it is time to embrace it as a part of our beautiful, feminine wholeness.

+ Once I was truly able to love and accept my own darkness, I gave permission to all the amazing women I was calling in to love me in my completeness too.

+ Reclaiming my OWN light has allowed me to see more clearly the shining light in others.

The incredible women I have in my life now continue to blow me away with their wisdom, generosity, authenticity, vulnerability and deep capacity to love.
Having my sisters come together to share in circle and celebration as I launched my website into the world this week has left my heart bursting with so much deep gratitude, joy and love.

It is this sense of coming together in collaboration, rather than competition, that truly ignites and
drives me to do the work I do.

My desire is for Sacred Circles to become a natural and honoured part of a woman’s journey.

A cherished gift for ALL women to treasure.


Time for a little reflection…
I invite you now to take a moment to dive deep and ask yourself honestly:

+ Where are you holding back in your relationships with the women in your life?

+ Where can you lean in a little closer, rather than turn away?

+ How might you bring more authentic connection, celebration and collaboration into these sacred friendships?

+ What can you do right now to love and embrace your own shadow, so that the women in your life may be inspired to hold themselves in love too?

What have your reflections revealed?


When women sit in circle together, open their hearts and share together, and celebrate each other, alchemy and magic happens.

I will leave you with these profoundly powerful words…

 ‘When sleeping women wake, mountains move’
Chinese proverb

Let us arise now sisters and shine brightly together.

With love,