Embodying the Feminine

For the past 6 weeks I have been on what can only be described as one of those journey's that change you forever. 
Each Thursday evening, me and 20 other brave and fearless women have come together to intimately explore what it is to truly 'embody' the feminine.

We have gathered in scared circle, peeled away the layers, masks and roles we identify with out in the world, and allowed ourselves to be authentically, genuinely and vulnerably seen by the other women sharing the journey.

Every week we were invited and encouraged to dive a little deeper, let go a little more and explore a practise that would help us access the inner, most hidden parts of ourselves that may have been denied for way to long.


There is much talk of the rising of the feminine.
This global shift is being felt far and wide as every day more women are reclaiming and reconnecting with what has been lost.

Women are stepping up, showing up and allowing themselves to be heard and held in a more empowered and aligned way than ever before.

A new (or very old) feminine paradigm is awakening.
Gently, slowly, softly - we are waking up too.

What I have witnessed, however, (and experienced firsthand), is that often we get lost in the talk.
We talk about the feminine - about desiring a more feminine approach to life - and about wanting to be more in touch with this deep part of ourselves.
Unfortunately, we are so used to exploring things from the mind (we try to: break things down, over-think everything, come up with the answer), that often nothing moves beyond this space.
We get so caught up in the thoughts that our understanding remains intellectual, rather than embodied.

So what can we do to create the change we desire?
Or is it that what we really need to do is let go of all the 'doing' and instead soften into the feminine quality of 'being'?


During my journey I have witnessed women in all their many hues - glorious, beauty-filled, divine souls!

I have been broken open, honoured as the goddess by my sisters and slowly started to heal old hurts.

I have cried (oh here have been many tears - some in the group and many in private), felt more free and liberated than ever and experienced pleasure in my body beyond compare.

The pleasure of simply caressing my skin; the freedom to embrace ALL of myself; the salty tears of past wounds being washed away.

At times I have felt such aching sadness releasing from my body and yet at others what can only be described as orgasmic energy pulsing through the core of my very being.

Over the past 6 weeks I have felt:
Full / Open / Soft / Sensual / Connected / Home / Orgasmic /  Safe / Honoured / Held / Loved / Released / Sadness / Grief / Sacred sisterhood / Understood /  Supported / In my body / Sexy / Radiant / Beautiful / Goddess / Alive / Divine / Sacred / Playful / Joy

Judgement has dropped away and I have felt FREE....

Free of the limitations I placed on myself and my experiences.
Free of old stories that aren't true and don't serve me in any way.
Free of the shame, guilt, self-loathing and self-sabotage.

Free to be me - just as I am - right now.

I feel utterly grateful for this experience.
It has changed me forever!

I honour each and every women (including myself) that showed up each week willing to crack themselves open, break free from the shackles and reclaim their feminine sovereignty.

I bow to you...


How we experience life and it's gifts is always going to be unique.
I want to share my take so....

For me, it is:

+ To get out of the thinking mind and into the body
+ To celebrate our unique feminine qualities as the beautiful gifs that they are
+ To tune into (not zone out of) our rhythmic monthly cycles and the beautiful insights they offer us
+ To honour our beautiful body-temple as a worship-able incarnation of the goddess - and to spend time at the altar of worship every single day!
+ To let go of the self-sabotage and old stories (not feeling worthy, loveable, enough etc), that stop us from seeing the truth of who we are (divine goddesses!)
+ To rekindle the flame of self love and self-respect that for many has been burning low or has long gone out completely.
+ To embrace all parts of ourself - particularly the tender and wounded bits
+ To offer our love out to the world - fiercely, wholeheartedly and unwaveringly.
+ To help heal the collective feminine wound that runs deep by creating sacred sisterhoods where we can feel safe, held and heard - without the judgement
+ To accept (and love) the wild, untamed, destructive and fiery parts too

So much of what it is to embody the feminine can't be described with words.
It needs to be embraced and experienced first hand.

I hope my sharing inspires you to begin to gently explore how you might bring more of the embodied feminine into your life.

For the gifts are unparalleled!

If you aren't sure on where to start then simply begin by finding some space each day to be still.
When you feel connected, rest one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb and start to tune in with your breath and notice what arises.
Ask yourself what it is you need right now and wait to hear what comes forth.
Give your inner wisdom time....

Taking this brief moment to check in will allow you to move forward and make choices that are aligned with your feminine truth and needs each and every moment.

Surrender to the flow and watch how effortless life can be.


My dear sisters, have you felt a disconnect with your feminine spirit?
Have you longed for a sisterhood where you can be truly, totally and completely yourself?

I will hold this space for you to open up and express what it is you truly desire when it comes to reconnecting with your feminine, so please if you feel to, share in the comments below.

May your journey be always blessed by the goddess within.

In bliss,
Star xxxx