Leaning into Trust...

Just trust in the Universe.
All you need to do is TRUST....

 I am regularly offered an invitation via a Blog post or self help book suggesting to just let go and TRUST, and all will be well.
My friends swear by it and the people I admire and respect are all for it too.

These sentiments are heard whispered on the wind often in my neck of the woods (being a haven for the alternative thinker), and something within me knows there is truth in this wisdom, but when it's the eleventh hour and the shit is proverbially hitting the fan ,what does this trust biz really look like then?


The dictionary explanation I resonated with the most when I explored the meaning of the word trust was:
' confidant expectation of something; hope'

When I allow those words to sink in, something inside that's been holding on tight softens a little, and a sigh escapes me unimpeded. 
To deeply, unwaveringly and unshakably trust in something beyond me - that's what I'm talking about.

The idea of trust, and the reality though - of actually leaning into it when you are standing face to face with the unknown - can leave the bravest of us running for the covers.

So what does it mean to lean into trust?
When there is nothing else left to do, can you honestly lay it all down and simply trust?


I used to have this one particular conversation wth my partner ALL the time.
Trust, honey. You need to trust more. Oh and have a bit more faith while you're at it too!

Being new to the local dialect of my home town of Byron Bay when he first arrived it took him some time to truly get what I was saying.
(For those not in the know, Byron Bay is a beautiful town on the East Coast of Australia and is a haven for hippies, seekers, surfers and all kinds of colourful folk who desire to live a life a lot left of centre)
The confusion came for my man initially because he felt my statement was a bit 'airy fairy' and 'out there' - he is British I guess so hence prone to being a little more conservative!
For him it felt ungrounded and I think he envisioned me sitting around on my arse all day doing a lot of 'trusting' and not much of anything else!

What I was actually trying to share with him was this:
Without that deep and unwavering trust, no amount of aligned action was going to get you anywhere.
Because you'd just sabotage your own success by not truly believing it was possible.


Aligned action without trust or trust without aligned action?
Either way your screwed in my book.

Clarity + Aligned Action + Trust = a clear message to the Universe of what it is you are desiring to manifest.

For me, it has always been a journey of getting really clear on what it is I am calling in(clarity), figuring out the steps I need to take to get there (aligned action) and then letting it go (trust) so that the Universe can bring it into being.
All the parts of the puzzle need to be present for it to fit together perfectly.

So the next time you are in the struggle, your faith is wavering and you just aren't sure of what to do next, maybe try on the following and see where it takes you.

1) ClaritY

Getting clear on what you want to cultivate may sound easy, but in practise it can sometimes be tough to see clearly through the fog.
Some suggestions to help you find clarity are:
+ Journal it out - there is always something juicy hidden behind the words
+ Meditate - getting still can help to create some space around the busyness of the thoughts and let  clarity shine on through
+ Get into nature - unplug from everything and just be. Wait for the clarity to pop in for a visit!
+ Move your body - get out of your head and stop trying to figure it out with your mind.
When you are IN your body, wisdom has the space to come to the surface.

2) Aligned Action

When you feel crystal clear on what it is you are wanting to manifest, the next step is to sit down with your thinking mind and an open heart and brainstorm the actions you need to take to make it happen - then it's time to get busy!


Ah Trust - this is the one that often trips us up.
Trusting that there is something bigger than self at play in this wide and vast Universe.
Not always easy, but...
When your clarity is unwavering, and you have taken steps to move towards your vision, then leaning into Trust becomes SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Right now my journey is asking of me to lean into trust a little more than I feel completely comfortable with - but lean in I will.
For in the end, when I have done all else - this is what I have left.
And from past experiences of diving deep with Trust, I know that I am always held and supported by the Infinite Universe and that all will be well - in the end (even if it looks very different than what I expected).


Lovely what is your relationship with trust?
Not trust in another, but of the bigger picture?
Does it come easy for you or is there resistance?

I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave me a message below :-)

Much love,
Star xxxxx