Gentleness as a default setting....

Today I start with a quote from the divine Danielle Laporte.

"When you’re hammering yourself for being in pain again, gentleness is actually a breakthrough."

Can you really feel the potency of her wise words?
Do they resonate?

When I read this recently something deep within me reacted strongly.
It was like a big wake-up call from the Universe, and when I allowed myself to really feel into the simplicity of the words, a tight knot residing for what feels like an eternity in the very core of my being slowly began to unravel.

So you're telling me there's another way through the struggle?
One where I hold myself with love, tenderness and compassion?
One where I am gentle with myself???

What a revolutionary idea. 

Gentleness as a life philosophy.
Gentleness as our default setting.

No matter what life places in front of us, we can choose to lean into gentleness.

What would that feel like?

Rather than beating yourself up for not being 'over it', 'done' or 'ready to move on' through the pain and discomfort in rapid time when you are in the suffering - you could instead choose to lean into gentleness.

Rather than letting the negative self-talk escape your lips when you are in the lowest of low and really could do with a generous dose of kindness  - find yourself resting in the healing embrace of gentleness instead.

Giving ourselves grief  - over every thing imaginable - has been the default setting for so many for so long, and sadly often isn't even questioned.
This seemingly unshakable reality that so many are stuck in - the self-sabotage cycle - leaves little room for much else, let alone a little bit of gentleness.
Or kindness...or compassion...or sometimes even love.

So what is your default honey....
Love or loathing?
Compassion or cattiness?
Gentleness or grief?


Loving myself wholeheartedly - just as I am - is where I am directing my focus right now.
Too much energy has been wasted with nasty dialogue and judgements.
I am ready to embrace my right to show up in a loving way  and am committed to holding myself with more gentleness.

Care to join me?

Because I am so passionate about supporting you, I am in the process of creating a little free gift to help you on your way to living a gentle life!

EMBRACING GENTLENESS - a 7 day email series filled to the brim with self-enquiry reflection, self care tools and lots more yumminess to help you bring more kindness and gentleness into your day.

Get in touch here and be the first to walk the journey of GENTLENESS with me.

In the meantime, lean into your mindfulness practise when you notice yourself following an old pattern.
Take a moment to pause, course correct and make a choice that feels loving and kind...


I'd really love to know how much you embrace gentleness in your life, or whether this is a work in progress so please feel free to comment below.

May your journey be steeped in love and compassion,
Star xxxx