Embracing the Dark Goddess

Who is this Dark Goddess permeating our dreams and beckoning us forth?
What is she really seeking from us - and are we ready to heed her call?


For a very long time I struggled to fully feel - let alone acknowledge - all of my emotional experiences.
As a watery Scorpio female my ability to feel was never the issue - I can well up at the smallest of things.

The disconnect was more that I was selective with what I would allow myself to explore, only really wanting to dive deep with what felt safe - known.  My emotional bandwidth was limited to what I was able to control and pack into neatly labeled 'done and dusted' boxes.

Pushing aside, numbing myself, ignoring and abandoning what was yearning to be seen, felt and acknowledged became a skill I perfected - as time and time again I shoved things so far down that retrieval was going to be difficult - and therefore easily avoided.

After years of turning away from my deep wounds this way I fell apart and had a nervous breakdown.

Even though the breakdown was primarily experienced through the physical body (hello an auto-immune issue)it was clear that at the core were layers and layers of unprocessed emotion, hurt, disconnect, disembodiment and pain hiding in the shadows that I had never fully felt or processed - it was very much alive in my body and eating away at me from the inside out.

The faces of the feminine that I had buried - the rage, the hurt, the dissatisfaction, the sensual siren, the erotic mother, the messy, the wild, the powerful - well let's just say that part of my (ongoing) healing from the dark night of the soul journey was to finally face off (quite unwillingly at first) with my dark side. 

Meeting my self in the shadow has been an intense and wild ride that continues to crack me wide open and heal me (and the collective feminine) in a profound way.


Women are rising and awakening to their innate feminine magic and power on a global scale right now.
The balance is shifting, and as we enter the Age of Aquarius the hold of the patriarchy is slowly crumbling to create space for a new dawn - one that finds a unique and balanced union between the feminine and masculine energies - within each of us but also on this sacred planet we call home.

Reclaiming our magic, our blood, our birthright is a necessity right now for the healing of the feminine and of Mama Earth, however this reclaiming is asking us to not only remember and return home - but to claim all of ourselves.

The Goddess - like nature itself - is both fierce and calm, unapologetic and compassionate, wild and gentle.
She can't be one without the other - and neither can we.

To be whole, free, sovereign it is imperative that we embrace ALL our parts - especially the darker shades of the feminine that have HIStorically been suppressed.

Our anger, our sensitivity, our tears, our sensuality, our sexuality, our potent magic, our power - and especially our blood - all have been hidden and repressed in order for us to survive the last few thousand years of patriarchal reign.

We have not felt safe to reveal ourselves fully - for the burning times and centuries of past persecution still flow strong in our blood line - in our feminine lineage and DNA itself.

Now, however, sisters are rising - and once more women feel safe - to show up, speak out and own their magic.
We are no longer able or willing to abandon the shadows, nor sacrifice ourselves (or each other) on the altar of modern martydom.

I truly believe we all deeply crave a return to wholeness, yet have perhaps felt the way was lost to us - hidden in the darkness and mists.

To be honest, most of us don't even know how to fully embrace and embody HER.
Her fierce, no BS approach and ability to speak truth with such blunt honesty scares us and has us running for the light.


Embracing the Dark Goddess - SHE who can be known as Lilith, Kali Ma, the Black Madonna, Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene, Hecate - is the final key for us to return home to freedom and QUEENdom.

Only when we allow ourselves safe space to navigate the darker hues - to experience the barrenness of Winter and the fullness of our pain and fear - can we truly begin to heal old wounds and embody our inner wisdom and harness our feminine power. 

The Dark Goddess as the repressed feminine - the aspects that we have been ashamed to show in fear of ridicule and rejection is asking us now to open ourselves up to HER - to strongly, vulnerably and authentically show what resides behind the mask - for our own healing, for the healing of the wounded feminine, for the healing of our precious Earth - and to pave a new way for our daughters and the women yet to come.

To bravely show the faces of the feminine that we hide behind and the faces of the feminine we simply hide.


All of life is a polarity - light and dark, positive and negative, day and night, feminine and masculine.
So perhaps women it's time to drop the 'spiritual bypassing' and give yourself permission to feel - all of it.

Not just the pleasant, pure, pretty and positive stuff - but ALL OF IT!

If we truly desire to return home to ourselves - to grow and reclaim our wild feminine sovereignty and wisdom + return to wholeness - we can no longer deny the Dark Goddess and her truth-telling ways.

So I invite you to dive deep sister - to find a way to safely navigate the full breadth and width of what is there to be revealed, felt, explored, loved and released inside you - and remember, the Dark Goddess will always be there as your fierce and loyal companion - no matter what.


I'd LOVE to know - have you met with the Dark Goddess and what gifts did she offer you?
Please do let me know in the comments below - your vulnerable sharing may inspire another sister to meet her shadows too.

May your meeting with the Dark Goddess be a loving reunion and a return HOME.

With love and blessings,
Star xxxx