The Journey of a Rising Star

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived a vibrant and energetic woman named Star. 
Star LOVED life and moved through it at a pace of her own design.
Fast and furious was the tone and anything less was deemed unworthy, for Star ONLY knew how to approach life in a manic, busy and fairly stressful way.

NOTHING slowed Star down.

She was a force to be reckoned with, and no matter what she took on in life she gave EVERYTHING she had to the task at hand.
She felt proud of her strong and disciplined approach to life and felt fed by the extremes she could go to for achieving her goals.
Star shared often with her friends how good she was at ‘sucking it up’, ‘soldiering on’ and how proud she was of her ability to handle pain and discomfort.

From the outside things appeared picture perfect for Star, until one day it ALL came crumbling down.  It only seemed a mere moment, but her life would NEVER be the same.
Star was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (a funny sounding auto-immune issue that she knew barely anything about).
This manifested as a complete physical breakdown for Star and she spent the next few years discovering a new way to live her life.

This was not an easy journey for Star.
She resisted, fought, denied and tried to think her way out of the dilemma.

The hardest part for Star was that it all seemed so unexpected.
It had come out of nowhere with no warning signs.
For in her mind she was the epitome of health and wellbeing - or so she thought.

Years later and some deep inner work and reflection showed Star that the truth was altogether different than her perceived reality of the events at the time.

There were in fact MANY signs, but Star had lost the ability to read them.
Star was no longer able to hear the voice of her inner wisdom as she had drowned it out with the noise of her busyness and ‘doing’.

In the end, all that was left for Star to do after all the struggling and suffering was one simple thing...

S U R R E N D E R.

In the end that was ALL she could do.
Just let go. BE with all of it - the pain, the exhaustion and the suffering.

THIS was when true healing began, and slowly she began to create a new life for herself - one that was loving, gentle and deeply aligned with her feminine core.
In THAT vulnerable moment Star made a heart-felt commitment to herself that she would NEVER compromise herself or her health in that way EVER again.

Now, Star is a different woman.

Still the same in essence, but she has peeled back the layers, stripped herself bare and remembered WHO she is beneath it all.

Unique. Divine. Love. Enough.

Since the Fibromyalgia journey Star has also traversed Post Natal Depletion Depression (an ongoing battle to find the right balance), and right now she is navigating the ups and downs of Adrenal Fatigue.

One of the biggest learnings for Star was that she has finally let go of the need to be busy and always 'doing', and swapped them instead for lots more resting and simply 'being'.

She has reconnected with her feminine essence, began the journey to truly embody her enoughness and aligned her life and business with her feminine cycles.

She has created a life where ease and flow are the markers by which she navigates EVERYTHING, and has learned to trust her inner wisdom more deeply then every before.

Mostly she has chosen to craft a life and business that is of HER choosing, and that brings with it much joy, bliss, abundance, inspiration, juiciness and love (and still a little overwhelm and uncertainty at times - perfectly imperfect!)

Now she is called to share her journey's learnings with other women so that they too may remember their worth and liVe a life they LOVE - without the suffering.

Star’s healing journey continues, but each day and each single moment, she glows a little brighter and her inner star rises a little higher......


Our journey's may look different on the outside but maybe, just maybe, you can relate?

Have you ever experienced the 'breakdown to breakthrough', and if so what did you learn? What insights were revealed and what changes did you make to how you show up? 

We all have a story to share, and it is in the sharing that we can help other women who may be experiencing their own 'breakdown' cycle and truly desire some guidance, so please leave a comment below.

May you continue to trust the wisdom that rests within you.
Much love,

Star xxxx