What happens when the only way to go is IN...

I have been a little quiet of late. I haven't pressed publish on a Blog post for some time and haven't been hanging around Social media as much either.

I have needed space.
LOTS of space...

Space to listen, to slow down, to get really quiet and BE with all of myself - not just the 'nice' bits.
The magnetic pull I have experienced to radically course correct has been so strong that I couldn't have resisted it no matter how hard I tried!

I know you know that feeling too.

When all compasses point to the only direction you can follow - the journey inwards into the dark unknown.

My world may have looked the same to those viewing it from the outside, but my inner world has been shifting, transforming, expanding and cracking wide open.
Sometimes in a gentle, loving way like a soft caress or uninhibited sigh.
Then there have been those intense and cathartic moments of utter chaos and destruction.

I have allowed myself to feel it all!

I have connected to my heart and womb wisdom in a way that had previously only truly been understood from a 'mind' perspective (though I didn't realise it at the time).
I have dug deep into the moist earth of myself...and still I am digging.

What I know thus far is that I am different.
Not on the outside, but deep within.

I have made some fresh choices and a heartfelt commitment to myself about how I want to truly feel in each moment, and am letting that be my guide. 
Trusting my heart and womb over all else takes courage as the world around me and my own conditioning screams that THIS is not how you do things.


I am done with over-analysing and dissing my own inner voice.
I am done with doing things because that's how I think they 'should' be done, or because someone told me that was the only way to get my Biz to 6 figures, or because I am afraid of missing out (as a side I was missing out - on my own damn life!!)

I am leaning deeply into trust - and I am going to do things differently out there from now on to mirror and reflect what has changed in here.

I am still figuring out what that will look like(for me), but it will definitely include:

+ more writing - especially about what really fires me up, pushes buttons, invokes curiosity,  turns me on, serves the women of the world and gets me excited!
+ more creating - not from a 'should' but from pure bliss
+ more BEing with women - face to face is where it's at for me - so more Retreats, Workshops and generally lushing it up with women!
+ more time listening to my heart and womb and letting their whispered wisdom be the navigators of my life
+ more time in nature
+ more time playing and less time taking it all too seriously (even the serious stuff)
+ way less time online
+ dancing to the beat of my own drum and carving out my own path

Sisters - it's time for a New Feminine Paradigm to emerge!

A time for us to reclaim the blood mysteries, reconnect with our heart and womb wisdom and let go of the shackles currently binding us in this overly masculine patriarchal paradigm...

Time to fully own our bright shining light and share it with the world!

This will be a place where we don't constantly question ourselves or our truth, and where we give ourselves full permission to embrace and embody all that it is to be a women!

No more denying parts of ourself or turning away from all that we are; no more resisting, burying, hiding, bullying or playing small.

It is time to step up, and I am ready - are you?


Are you feeling this change in the air too?
Maybe you are traversing your own dark night right now also?
Know that you are not alone in this - women everywhere are going through this same shift.

I'd truly love to hear from you and support you on your journey, so please let me know in the comments below what you are currently shedding and what are you ready to call in to make this life one of divine beauty, truth bliss and joy!? Share away sisters....

From my open heart to yours,
Star xxxxx