Simple ways to practise Self Care daily...


When you read those words what arises for you?
Does it make you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it?
Perhaps you wonder where you might find the time?
Maybe there is a softening inside when you ponder and reflect...something rigid releases and a sigh and yes escape your lips?

Whether you are a staunch advocate for daily Self Care (like me), you are just beginning to dabble or this is a whole new concept for you, the gifts of taking time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to tune in, listen and honour your deepest needs are profound.


Self Care is another one of those topics that has a lot of energy around it at the moment.

Being busy - raising children, working in the world, honouring commitments and responsibilities; and bringing our goals, visions and dreams to fruition takes time...
And time is what we all crave more of.

But what if I was to tell you that you always have enough time for the things in your life that are truly important? 
That time is just a concept for and from the mind...what would you say to that?

We could go deep here talking about time, but really what I want is for you to consider the idea that maybe what you now think of as important and those things that you deem less so might be all topsy turvy.
Maybe everything is upside down and the wrong way around...


In my video below I chat about how to easily incorporate loving Self Care into your day with 3 simple tools to help you on your way.

I hope that at least one thing landed in you from watching the video.

The 3 tools I have offered are:

+ Create space - physically and mentally.
+ Be consistent.
+ Do what you love!


So where to now?

Get out your journal and start your own unique Bliss list honey!
Write down all that you LOVE doing and which leaves you feeling full, alive and deeply connected!
Then, gently bring these loves into your day.
Start slowly... can you commit to just 5 or 10 minutes a day?

Enjoy the adventure...


Did you enjoy my video? I had fun making it for you and overcoming a few lingering fears!

I'd love to hear in the comments below what some of your non-negotiable daily rituals are for tending to your Self.

Wishing you a week filled with JOY!

Much love,
Star xxxx