The gift of Sacred Women's Circles

Coming together and sharing with women in sacred space is a time honoured tradition that has been lost to many, but, joyfully, I am witnessing a reemergence of the scared circle as more and more women align with their desire to be once again reconnected with the divine feminine and BE with women in an open-hearted and vulnerable way.

The gifts of sitting in circle are many.
The feeling of loving support, safety and the delicious unraveling that occurs when we strip ourselves bare (not literally) are an incredible healing tool for many women.
When we let all the ways we show up for others drop away and acknowledge our own hidden inner truths - well - alchemy and magic happens!

In the video below I share a little about Sacred Women's Circle from my experience.

Curious about starting your own Women's Circle?
All you need is the desire to come together, a beautiful space to hold the gathering and some like minded women with whom you feel called to dive deep with.
The rest is up to your creativity!

Trust me, you will want to have your women's circle every week, not just every month!

The friendships that blossom from these sacred sharing circles are like no other I have experienced.
We have consciously taken that extra step together, bared our vulnerable souls and held each other with love and a tenderness that is so filled with compassion and understanding.

My hope is truly that all women know what it is to cherish and be cherished by the women in their lives, whether in circle or out in the world...


If you would like to find out about the New Moon circles I am running then have a look here.

I'd love to hear in the comments below if you have been, or are currently part of a regular circle and what you love about it.

Have a juicy week sisters!

Star xxxxx