The Boundless breath...

The breath is your most faithful companion, loyal friend and dearest supporter.

She goes where you go…you go where she goes.
Forever entwined in a cosmic dance together until the last breath is taken, you can call on her for aid and she will always be there.

I have been using breath awareness as a tool for grounding and centring myself for many years and this is seriously the easiest, most effective and available tool you have to bring you out of suffering and back into the moment.

 It sounds so simple you might think you might be forgiven in thinking there must be more to it.
Surely it can’t be that easy??

You bet it is!!


+ Whenever you notice that feelings of overwhelm, stress or anxiety are taking over then bring your full attention to the breath.
+ Notice the breath as it moves in and out of the body.
+ Dive even deeper and ride the breath for a complete cycle. Start at the bottom of the inhalation and gently fill the body with breath. Then, become aware of a slight pause at the top of the inhale without actually holding the breath. Finally, let the breath slowly leave the body, noticing the slight pause at the end of the exhale. Allow the inhalation to organically come into the body when it is ready.
+ Observe the quality of the breath -  does it feel free and flowing or stuck and contracted?
+ Continue to stay with the breath for as long as you like and notice how you feel.

Within a few moments or minutes of focused breath awareness, the intense feelings that you were experiencing will begin to lesson and drop away.
You will once more feel present, connected and at peace.


I would love to here how you go, or any other favourite breath awareness practises you use so let me know in the comments below.

There will be more coming about the breath in future posts.

Enjoy xxxx