Legs Up The Wall

This week I am sharing one of my favourite Restorative Yoga poses that I practise most days in one of it's many forms.
The beauty of this one is you can do it anytime, anywhere and need no extra paraphernalia except a wall!

The benefits are man!
It can help to:
+ Calm the mind.
+ Soothe the nervous system.
+ Give the adrenals a chance to rest and recalibrate.
+ Release the psoas muscle and lower back.
+ Improve circulation.
+ Revitalise the body.
+ Balance the hormonal system in the body.

This is a great one to do at the end of the day
(especially if you sit or are on your feet all day), or any time you to reenergise or rest the system.

How to:
+ Come to sit on the floor with one hip resting near the wall.
+ Simultaneously roll the legs up the wall as the torso and head come to rest on the floor.
+ The legs can be slightly apart and as far away from the wall as you need to find ease and comfort in the pose (we are not looking for a hamstring stretch in this option)
+ A blanket may feel lovely under the head to support the neck.
+ You might also likes some support under the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine) so place a soft blanket there as well.
+ Arms can be by the side of the body (palms to the sky) or resting on the belly.
+ Breathe, relax and enjoy.
+ Stay as long as feels good (at least 5 minutes minimum if you can manage it)

This is a safe and passive inversion perfect for your moon time.

Bring the legs up on to a chair, bed or even a lounge.
Come into and out of the pose as you would legs up the wall.
This is actually my favourite! :-)