Magical Meditation

So I am guessing you probably know that meditation is a great practise to include into your day right? What I want to share is what I get out of it and how you can easily bring this beautiful gift into your life too.


When I commit to a daily practise of stillness and presence, life looks a lot different then when it falls away for a time.
What unfolds isn't the bit that looks different though. 
Life will continue to do what it does whether I sit every day or not.

No attachment - life just flows.
What is different however is how I show up and approach each and every moment that life presents me.

When I create space to allow for some spaciousness , I experience more patience, presence and peace with each moment.

I am more able to surrender to all that the moment brings and am less attached to outcomes.
This may sound simple enough - but trust me - when you have spent years fighting the moment, to feel a bit of peace is pure bliss!

When I sit, I am more resilient to the ebbs and flows that life throws my way.
I notice the joy as equally as I witness the suffering -  the beauty is staying in the place of observer and not being caught up in the 'story'.
This in itself is magic...

When the practise has waned a little, I notice I am more reactive to life and less able to soften into the moment. I am easily shaken by my expectations of how things 'should' unfold and from here it just goes from bad to worse.

Attachment, resistance, irritation - all come to play.


It is crystal clear to me why I choose to cultivate a daily practise, but what's in it for you?

You can scroll the internet and find a plethora of articles and research about the incredible benefits of meditation, but to truly experience this for yourself you need to embody the practise.

So, below I will share one simple way to practise the ancient art of mediation.
There are of course many ways, but today I am sharing my practise with you...

Meditation Practise 

Find a comfortable upright position for the body - this may be on the floor using whatever support you need under the buttocks to ensure that the knees are lower than the hips.
You may even choose to use a chair and/or wall with a pillow for support.
The crucial thing here is comfort so you aren't distracted when it't time to practise, but also I am not into being a martyr! If you feel pain, then move until you feel more at ease!
(I do practise lying down too but for this practise we will be seated)

+ Once a comfortable seat is found, begin to connect into where the sit bones are resting and anchor down into this point. Ground your self into this moment.

+ Use the breath to connect inwards - take a few slow and long exhales, letting go of the past and future. The breath will also act as an anchor to bring you back to the present moment when you notice you've wandered.

+ From here start to notice the mind space. Become aware of the thoughts that are coming and going and how easily it is to bee drawn out by the thoughts.
The goal is not to try and stop the internal chatter, but instead to witness your experience without attachment, judgement or the need to label or change it.

+ Simply observe the thoughts drifting across the mind-space like you would witness clouds drifting across a blue sky. Notice them, and then bring your full attention back to the breath and the sensations on the body. Keep doing this over and over and get the drift right?

+ Stay for a little as 5 minutes to begin with. Make it doable and slowly increase the time spent in meditation when you feel comfortable to.

That's it!! Simple yes?

I get that it sounds simple enough in theory, but the practise itself takes patience and practise.
It takes compassion and dedication.

But...I assure you that given the chance, this divine practise will change your life if you allow it to!

All you have to do is show up, sit, get up, let the practise go and get on with your day.
The benefits will begin to creep in without you even knowing it!

Enjoy sisters!

As I said, this is one of MANY ways to practise meditation.
I will be exploring more later in Self Care Sweetness.

Star xxxxxxx