Navigating CHANGE without a map.....

Change is undeniably one thing about our human experience that is inevitable - yet we can spend hours, days, weeks and even years struggling with letting change actually unfold in our world without a fight.

We cling, grasp, attach, and hold on for dear life to what we know (or think we know) because the mere thought of the unknown can bring us quickly and quite forcibly to our knees.

We live lives that are detached, unfulfilling, disconnected, soul-less, empty, adventure-less, dull and a tad too structured and over-analysed.
Spontaneity can become sporadic as we try our hardest to control all manner of things, but in the end the pursuit is pointless.

Only when we deeply understand that none of it is in our control - that our strong attachments will lead us to suffering - can we truly find freedom and what I believe is the source of a peaceful, happy and content life.

What do you think?


If you aren't feeling the heavy changes that are happening for women all across the globe right now then goddess bless you sister, you are the lucky one!

All around me sisters are sharing stories of major shifts, big letting go, shedding layers, darkness and depression, confusion, uncertainty, challenges that feel unsurmountable, resistance and a whole host of intense stuff coming to the surface yearning to be acknowledged.

Change in all it's many colours.

Collectively we are feeling much right now.

I too am navigating these murky waters - and without a guide or trusty map -  it can sometimes feel like I might sink rather than float effortlessly on the water - held and trusting that all is well.

Change is coming. 
Change is here.

In the Buddhist philosophy, the nature of impermanence states that nothing stays the same.
All conditioned experience, without exception, is transient, or in a constant state of flux.

We can either choose to ignore it and go on as if nothing is different, or we can turn our brave gaze to face the inevitable, let go and allow change to transform us.

The question then arises as to why we are experiencing this now?


I feel we are all being asked to take better care of ourselves, to let go of EVERYTHING that doesn't serve us and to sink into truly trusting the feminine as we let go of our need to control.

 A new feminine paradigm is arising and sisters are being encouraged to awaken, show up and be seen like never before.

A new way is being shown to some of us, and for others we are remembering an old way that is ingrained within our very core.

This way doesn't involve micro-management or over-controlling - for this creates an energy of anxiety and stress - always.

This is a way where all attachment to how we desire things to be drops away, and we surrender to what is instead.

A way that sees us finally find some balance - where we can let go of the over-used masculine modes of being that involve pushing, proving and striving and melt into our feminine essence instead.

It might look like this:

+ A way of deep authentic re-connection with yourself
+ A way of softness and surrender
+ A way of flow and fluidity
+ A way of clarity and ease
+ A way of self-love and self-care
+ A way of listening, honouring and simply being
+ A way of bliss
+ A way of alignment and balance
+ A way of abundance
+ A way of tender gentleness
+ A way of truth and vulnerability

What does the way look like for you?


Journeying into the unknown can be terrifying....but it is here - in the unknowing - that wisdom resides.

It is here - in the unknowing - that growth can take place.

It is here - in the unknowing - that change happens.

Our only endeavour is to allow - simply allow all of it to unfold, and to ride the waves of change with as much grace, ease and flow as we can muster.

And above all else to trust  - that in the end - all will be well (even if we can't feel it now)


Are you riding the waves of change too sweet sister?
Can you allow or do you resist?

I'd love to hear your story, so please do comment below and let me know about your relationship with change and how you navigate the process...

Until next time, may all flow effortlessly for you.

Star xxxxxx