What will you regret?

Life as a woman can be H A R D.

We are precariously juggling so many things in the air at once it truly is no surprise that women's health is in crisis. Over-committed, multi-tasking and stretched to the limit women are drowning in stress induced burn-out, exhaustion and a plethora of health issues now more than ever before.

Where is your breaking point honey?
What does your soul whisper and yearn for in the still and quiet moments?

How much are you going to push before the small cracks become deep fissures?


If you were to fast forward to your last breaths in this body and reflect back over the cycle of your life what would you see and feel?

Would you be celebrating how much 'stuff' you had procured over the years, how far up the corporate ladder you made it (despite the burnout), how much money you made or how good you still looked in a bikini at 45?

Or would you instead regret time lost to your job, roles, responsibilities, social media or whatever other distractions filled in the gaps and stopped you from fully feeling and being IN your body and IN the moment?

Personally, I'd much prefer to be celebrating how -

+ well I took care of myself
+ hard and deep I loved - myself and others
+ much I revered and never lost sight of the sacredness of this incredible life
+ much fun and spontaneous adventure I manifested
+ I never just 'settled' but instead followed my heart and womb wisdom to live out my dreams
 + much I was of service to others
+ deeply I felt - not just the pleasurable and easy bits but ALL of it
+ I made a difference - to the people I touched and to the planet
+ I put my needs and care at the very top of the list

Wouldn't you?

Now is the time for change sister.
T H I S moment is where it can begin.

Are you ready?
Are you with me?


Like it has for many, 2016 has been one hell of a ride!
A year of change, new beginnings, profound letting go, pain, struggle, unlimited joy and a deep recalibration that has rocked me to the core.

This is the year I finally embraced and embodied my own sense of enoughness - just writing this here is HUGE for me as I have been lugging that tired story (the one that says I'm not enough) around for almost 30 years - and now there is no undoing it!

So from this new place of infinite self belief I am looking forward to a very different 2017. Because truly....

 I am T I R E D of doing it the masculine way.

Worn out and weary from the way society asks me to show up and fit IN - desiring me to don the 'good girl' mask and let my true fierce, fiery and inconsistent nature as a woman fall to the way side.

I am tired of:
+ the push, the strive and the attachment to how much I am doing (and how well I do it) to my sense of self worth.
+ the world desiring me to be linear and consistent - when my nature as a woman is to be cyclic and I N  F L O W.
+ hiding and holding myself back in case I come across as too much, too emotional, too damn E V E R Y T H I N G

No more.

I am inherently worthy - simply by breathing.
We are miracles - you and I - and no amount of self-doubt will ever make me believe the opposite of myself again.
My very being is worthy - as is yours - whether I am 'doing' or sitting on my arse daydreaming.


So next year things are going to look different for me.

2017 will be the year I anchor wholly and unconditionally into my own innate value as a woman and finally step up into being the mentor and leader I know I am meant to be.

I have been scared to truly embody this role - scared I might be seen as a fraud, not worthy or simply not good enough.


No more!

Universe - it's my time to shine and I'm now ready for the next step.

2017 will be the year I wholeheartedly:

+ let go of the push and rest into trust, ease and flow
+ trust my own innate truth
+ follow my heart and womb whisperings - always
+ say YES to me more often
+ say NO to what doesn't feel truly aligned
+ show up, be seen and stop hiding
+ own and fully embody my power
+ shine my light as a bright beacon to other women in need of love and support

So as I sit in reflection of my life and how I want to live it, I know I will always look back and remember this pivotal moment.

The moment I truly chose me.


I unequivocally believe that we are co-creators of our own lives - that we have the power within us to orchestrate change and manifest all that we desire to experience.

So when you think about your life as it is now, what arises?
What do you feel? What thoughts come to the surface?

Are you happy with your life - sincerely and genuinely happy? 
What do you need to be really honest and authentic with yourself about?
Where are you maybe just 'settling' for the mediocre and mundane?

Are you living your soul truth?

What will you look back and regret if you don't start making those changes (even if small) today?

Living a life you love is possible - yet it will take courage to really look at your life and what's not working and then to mindfully and tenderly remodel where necessary.

I believe in you.


I'd love to know what it is you are ready to change - so join the conversation below and share away. Simply voicing it is a start.

Merry Midsummer  - may the light of the Sun guide and nourish you always.

All my love to you,
Star xxxx