Vulnerability - What happens when you Speak Your Truth?

Have you ever slowed down enough to notice how life has a habit of presenting exactly what you need precisely when you need it?

The universe is super savvy and knows exactly what lessons to place in front of you, even if you aren’t ready or open to receiving them.

If we stay still and present enough, then the unfolding moment can be filled with insight and growth if we let it in.


During a yoga training I was teaching on last year I experienced one of these beautiful moments.
Two paths before my feet and a choice to be made.

This was the kind of moment where time seems to stand very still and everything slows way down. Like a camera lens zoomed in, the choice before me became crystal clear and filled with clarity.

The options?

To stay ‘professional’, be the trainer and suck it up. Or, instead, embrace my vulnerability and be totally transparent with a group of beautiful women that I barely knew and see what transpired.


As a yoga teacher trainer there are often times when I walk into a space ready to ‘teach’ but don’t really feel like I have my shit together.

Like you, I’m not immune to having my share of challenging moments.
Maybe it’s that I’m not feeling grounded, I’m in exhaustion or have let my mind have its way and gone straight into my ‘story’.

You know the one - we all have it in some form.
The “I’m not good enough” or “what do I know” line that often gets stuck on repeat.

What generally transpires is that I am able to find my ‘trainer’ hat and teach a great session, even when I feel I’m not in the zone.

On this particular day though, the scales were tipped and the balance finally lost on the delicate dance I play with my nervous system.
I had a 90-minute yoga session to teach to a bunch of eager teacher trainees and I was in total overwhelm.

They didn’t know that I had failed to set my alarm, slept way more than I meant to and thus triggered a downhill slide into anxiety.
How could they guess that such a seemingly small ‘problem’ fueled the rest of the mornings ‘break down’ build up for me? 
By the end of the session I was feeling exhausted and my adrenals were spent.
I could feel my whole body shaking and only through years of teaching behind me managed to hold it together and teach a lovely class.

It was at this point that all became very clear and I was faced with the moment. Soldier on and have a mini melt down later in private when I had the space, or, open myself to these women and let my heart be held.

Allowing myself the space to be truly and authentically ‘real’ in the moment had the most delicious rippling effect that I could have ever imagined.

By owning my truth and honouring my needs I managed to not only feel much more at peace in myself, but created a safe and sacred space for all those amazing women to explore what it looks like to ‘speak their truth’ as well.

For some, this was a very new and profound way of being in the world as a woman.

It was utterly divine to witness this new, unfolding togetherness, and the weekend became so much more than a ‘teacher training’, but rather a deeper exploration of trust and genuine sharing amongst kindred sisters.


The gift and blessing?

The experience only highlighted for me how fundamental it is to keep letting my vulnerability shine bright for all to see.
That I don’t need to wear the martyr mask anymore or build impenetrable defences around my heart.
Instead, when I let myself be true to all that is arising in each moment and show my sensitive soul to the world, not only does it allow for deeper connection and healing within myself, but gives permission to all the other sensitive soul sisters walking their unique journey to let their vulnerable and tender sides be free for all to embrace too.


My Invitation…

Sisters it’s time.

Time to draw each other close, open our hearts and let our vulnerability beam out into the world!
Time to reunite in scared space and hold each other with love, compassion and kindness.

Let us stand strong together now, support each other unconditionally and inspire each other to shine brighter and more fully than we could ever have imagined possible on our own.

I'd love to hear from you now beautiful - where are you stepping up and being in your truth and how has it impacted your life? Let me know in the comments below.

May your discovery in the gifts of speaking your truth empower your journey.

Blessing always,