Shakti Sessions

Beautiful woman,

Are you tired of feeling:

+ Exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and busy?
+ Burnt-out, depleted and adrenally fatigued?
+ Disconnected - from your divine body temple, your cyclic nature and your feminine core?

Do you long for to space to simply BE, to reconnect with your feminine essence, to awaken your womb wisdom and let her knowing be the 'true north' navigator from which you align all that you do in the world?

Are you finally ready to prioritise your Self Care and Pleasure?

I lovingly invite you to the lush experience of a SHAKTI SESSION.


In a Shakti Session you will:

* Reset your nervous system
Receive unconditional support
Remember the truth of who you are
Reawaken your feminine energy centres
Reconnect with your beautiful body temple
* Reclaim the knowing and wisdom of your womb
Release old stories, stress, tension and stagnant energy
Relax and restore your whole being
* Replenish your adrenals
Return home to yourself



There are 2 types of Shakti Sessions -

* Awakening Shakti

In this enlivening and activating session we will draw on practises that will help you to:
- move stagnant energy
- awaken your shakti energy residing deep in your pelvic bowl
- open your body temple
- increase energy and vitality
- release tension and stress
- connect to your feminine essence

* Nourishing Shakti

In this deeply restorative and rejuvenating session we will draw on practices that will help you to:
- reset the nervous system
- replenish the adrenals
- support the body to move into a deeper state of receptivity and relaxation
- release tension and stress
- connect to your feminine essence


What tools we will explore?

* self-enquiry
* mindfulness
* feminine embodiment practises
* gentle + intuitive floor based feminine yoga
* deeply nourishing restorative practises
* breath exploration for creating calm and soothing the system
* womb and heart connection and activation
* sounding
* mudras
* yoga nidra
* visualisation
* ritual

What does a Shakti Session actually look like?

Each session is UNIQUE (like you), but will flow as the feminine does a little like this:

 Cleansing and creation of sacred space
* Open-hearted sharing to feel into what is currently present
* Initial Grounding Body Scan to allow you to 'drop in' to your Body Temple
* Deeply restorative practises
* Intuitive Feminine Movement/ Embodiment
* Womb + Heart activation/ connection
* Final restoration practises
* Yoga Nidra + Visualisation
* Closing of Sacred Space

Each session is woven together via the use of the BREATH, SOUND, SELF-ENQUIRY and MINDFULNESS.



A SHAKTI SESSION can be held in the sanctuary of your own home (or as a live session if you live in Northern NSW).
Sessions are done over Skype and need nothing more than for you to show up for yourself -
(and bring along a few cushions and blankets for the rest practises!)

1 x Goddess Session - $110 (90 minutes)

4 x Goddess Sessions -$410 (90 minutes)


* Sessions are very gentle and appropriate for all women (no experience of yoga is necessary!)

* Sessions are also very suitable for
pregnancy and the postnatal period

* Sessions are VERY beneficial for women suffering from:
- chronic health issues (adrenal + autoimmune)
- fertility concerns
- menstrual disorders
- anxiety
- sleep problems
- chronic stress
- disconnection to their feminine essence

* Each session is super gentle and injuries are well looked after

if you would like to know more or book in for some SHAKTI SESSION LOVE,

It is an honour and privilege to hold this sacred space for you to refill your inner well
and (finally) come home to yourself.

Star xxxxx