Rewilding the Feminine

Women are waking up all over the planet - and as they do they are remembering, reconnecting and RECLAIMING.

Personally - like many women I know - I am currently womb deep as aI navigate this conscious journey of rewilding myself -
from where I have been bound, from all that I have forgotten, from all that has been taken from me.

I am awakening and rising - and as I do it can't help but create a ripple effect for the women I connect with.

So I implore you to do what you can to WAKE UP sister - release your shackles, grow roots deep and RISE 💜⭐ 

We need you...

To Rewild the Feminine is to:

💜  Reclaim your magic, your cyclic nature, your blood and the power that resides within your womb

💜  Reconnect with the potent resonance and rhythms of Mama Earth, Moon, Sun and the seasonal cycles

💜  Revere your beautiful Body Temple as sacred

💜  Reawaken your innate instinctual wisdom, creativity and pleasure potential

💜  Reactivate your senses - inner and outer - and trust them to guide you forward

💜  Remember the truth of WHO YOU ARE - wild, free, untameable, whole, enough, wise, sovereign, Queen of your domain

💜  Reveal ALL the faces of the feminine - especially the often censored rage, grief and sensuality

💜  Release old beliefs around your worth, value and 'enoughness'

💜  Reignite the flame of passion, play, joy and purpose within and follow this to be of service to self and others

💜  Release the shackles of patriarchy that have bound you and the feminine for centuries

💜  Reset and heal old wounds in the sacred sisterhood - rather than judgement and competition we can empower and inspire each other to rise rooted TOGETHER