I offer cosy, intimate, boutique and highly personalised retreat experiences for women to reconnect with themselves and replenish their whole being. 

I have purposefully crafted small retreats so that you will truly feel you have space whilst away.  
Space in your own room to rest, space during the practises to explore, space to get away from it all.
Space to simply BE.

I also desire to totally devote myself to creating an experience for you of being deeply held, lovingly supported, gently nurtured, and where I am very available for you during your journey (so much harder on a big retreat) 



2018 Dates coming soon!

What to Expect

I am so proud of all Star has achieved in creating a beautiful and completely nurturing space for women to take time out of their often busy and complex lives and focus completely on grounding back into self. The restorative yoga was a highlight, as was the delicious food  - and the location was just gorgeous! Thank you Star!
Rachelle Panitz



My passion is to empower and inspire you to slow down, tune in and find a more gentle and feminine approach to how you show up in your life.


My unique REPLENISH RETREATS are lovingly created to be a deeply soothing, nourishing and non-stressful or overly stimulating experience.
All women are welcome, yet these retreats are particularly suited to women who are:

+ Needing to calm an over-stressed nervous system
+ Going through a health crisis
+ Tired of feeling chronically exhausted and depleted
+ Wanting simple tools to help ease anxiety and stress
+ Ready to embrace Self Care as a daily practise
+ In need of some deep support and nurturing
+ Desiring to rekindle a relationship with their feminine essence
+ Ready to show up and give themselves permission to love themselves wholeheartedly
+ Ready for a mini break away from juggling the roles and responsibilities of a busy life


The beautiful women at the end of my first REPLENISH RETREAT - look how relaxed and happy they are!


During a REPLENISH RETREAT you will get to experience:

+ Daily Restorative Yoga
+ Daily Gentle Feminine Yoga
+ Time for Self-enquiry reflection and journaling
+ Guided Yoga Nidra
+ Optional pampering
+ Plenty of solo time
+ Time 'unplugged' and in the healing embrace of nature
+ Delicious and nourishing organic + locally sourced food
+ Your own private room
+ Evening Women's Circle

This is YOUR retreat so all sessions are optional - sleep the whole time if you like!

It is my hope that you will leave the retreat feeling completely rejuvenated, de-stressed, connected, nourished and with some simple Self Care tools to incorporate into your life when you return from the bliss bubble.

Replenish Retreats for Women are a truly one of a kind experience!

Desiring my very own restoration retreat experience yet unable to find exactly what suited my needs led to the creation of these deeply nourishing retreats.
I now feel blessed to hold this space for other women in need.


To get all the latest updates about my retreats you can sign up to my Sister Circle below.

If you have any further question, or would like to book a spot on a replenish retreat
please contact me directly : CONTACT STAR


This retreat was fabulous and exactly what I needed! Star created a beautifully nurturing retreat space which allowed me to completely drop-in and relax. The balance between the gentle feminine yoga, restorative yoga sessions and evening circles was absolutely perfect, helping me to completely relax, unplug and unwind. I'm leaving this retreat feeling more energised and replenished! Thank you Star! 
Kristie Leclere - Yoga Teacher


I can't wait to hold this space for you to unwind...

With love,
Star xxxxx


Book YOUR place

Being a small retreat places are limited and book out quickly.
If you would like to book a spot on a Replenish Retreat, or have any questions please do get in touch.