Private Sessions With Star

My life is the embodiment of busy and chaotic! I always look after myself last, am prone to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is my natural state. One session with Star shifted that - sure there is much more work to do but the session allowed me to rest, find my centre and for 60min just breathe and be calm. Even over Skype Star could guide me through a practice in such a way that I could fully let go of my fears, inhibitions and anxieties and just BE. She taught me tools to use on my own and while I only do shorter sessions I now have a small but nourishing self care practice and I am excited and ready to continue the journey to heal and reconnect with myself.
Elle M Roberts - Creativity Coach +  Business Mentor


I had a session with Star over Skype after meeting her in person a few years ago. Her potency and power as a healer and as a yogi was not diluted by distance or technology. I pray every day for more abundance so I can keep diving in with this goddess, this amazing women. I am in awe of her gifts as a teacher and I am honoured to call myself her student, her friend and her colleague She is the vision of love and the bringer of surrender. Thank you sister for your time .
Jacqui-Rae Anderson - Spiritual Mentor + Yoga Teacher


What a special and beautiful lady Star is inside and out. She provides a very special service and space where you feel fully nurtured, supported and guided as you give yourself permission to just be, rest and let go. As soon as I entered the space with Star to rest & rejuvenate, I felt at ease. Everything slowed down and I achieved a deep sense of calm. Time slowed down and my body and psyche really embraced this whole experience. I knew how enjoyable the whole process was at the time, but I was even more pleasantly surprised as the benefits of it were felt for days and weeks after my session. I was calmer ,more energised and had tools that helped me get in that space again if needed. I highly recommend Star! Every women needs this experience especially in this busy day and age.
Claire Deale - Homeopath


I have taken some time to write this testimonial after my time with Star. I think it felt important to me to properly soak up all that she gave to me in order to be able to accurately articulate the experience. Then I had an epiphany. That IS the point of her service isn't it.?.. is to rest! It is exactly the point that self care and self love is not something else to add to a woman's chore list, to be measured and judged and assessed. I didn't need to "properly" or "accurately" think about how to report back, because I felt it. Deeply. Self Care, the Divine Star way, is about deep and whole self love. And that is what you get when you spend time with her. You get a space, that somehow didn't appear to be there before she came into your life, and then there it is, just there, Time to focus on you. Just on loving and honouring you. An hour with Star was quite possibly one of the most delicious hours of my life. And i"ll do it again in a heart beat. Even though Im busy, and I have a child, and a job, and a business and a family and a to do list and and and... See? Just book in, trust me, you won't be sorry.
Amy Madden - Inner Critic Analyst

Restorative Yoga and Feminine Vitality Classes

Star has an amazing ability to create a safe, nurturing space where my nervous system can deeply and fully relax. Star is passionate about self care and self nurturing, and not only cares for, and nurtures her clients in the class, but teaches just how important it is not to be a martyr and stay in an uncomfortable place, but rather to care and love yourself with full compassion. Star's restorative relaxation class has taught me more about how important it is to 'nurture the nurturer' and to be kind to myself. 

Melissa Baker


"Star's Restorative Yoga classes have been the gift of a Self care practice amongst the busy-ness of life. Rest. Peace. Stillness. Space. Depth.  Star genuinely wishes to and succeeds in guiding you deep into your soul to find the omnipresent stillness within."

Toni-Jayne - Brunswick Heads


Star's classes are a gift in my week and when I arrive I immediately enter a space of gentle healing. 
She has set up a practice that deliberately leads our bodies to shift from Sympathetic Nervous System Innervation/Fight or Flight/Inflammatory response to Parasympathetic Activation/Rest and Digest/Repair mode. She does this consciously with a blend of modern and yogic wisdom and feminine strength.
You will walk out of her class feeling loved, rested and restored. 

Meg Carter

We never grow out of the need to be nurtured and 'held', and that is exactly what Star provides in her "Yoga for Feminine Vitality" class. You can tell that Star is living her purpose and passion in nurturing and supporting women through these classes - her energy is so calming, and from the moment I stepped into the space it was like my nervous system took a huge exhale of relaxation and relief. This class felt beautifully indulgent, Star provided so much loving care - when she covers you with a blanket during the Restorative practices, you not only feel physically warm, but also safe and 'held'. I floated out on a blissful cloud. I highly recommend this class to anyone who needs a place to pause, be nurtured, and give their body and mind the time and space to relax, renew and repair (and in this busy world I think we all do!)'

Robyn Bell - Melbourne