Discover the Power of your Menstrual Cycle - Mullumbimby


Discover the Power of your Menstrual Cycle - Mullumbimby

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When you are aware of your cyclic nature as a women, understand the phases and begin to align how you show up in the world with the power of your Menstrual Cycle you are offering yourself the greatest gift and act of Self Care available to you as a woman.

Getting to know your unique cycle will empower you to reclaim this sacred time and understand how to honour and nurture your changing needs.

In this full day workshop you will:

+ Safely explore your personal relationship with menstruation via self-enquiry and sharing
+ Learn about the physiological and hormonal changes through the phases and how these impact all areas of your life
+ Dive deep into simple + practical Self Care for the 4 seasons of menstruation
+ Look at how to track your cycle and the benefits this can provide
+ Discover alternatives for flow collection and why this is important
+ Reveal the connection between the Moon and your cycle
+ Reclaim your menarche (first blood) with a gentle and beautiful ritual
+ Remember the importance of REST and experience a divinely nurturing Dark Moon Restorative Yoga practise

It is my hope that after our day together you will come away feeling informed, empowered, more connected to your feminine self and ready to bring this wisdom into your life.

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