A wildly rebellious, radical and fiercely feminine journey HOME


Have you been feeling deeply disconnected - to your heart, intuition and body temple - and are you craving simple tools to bring more loving + consistent Sacred Self Care into your life?

Are you yearning for more space, ease and stillness -
and to finally understand your cyclic nature and feel at home in your body?

Sacred Self Care - a 3 month mentoring journey - is an intimate pilgrimage WITHIN -
one of deep unraveling, revealing, reclaiming and returning.



When you take a moment to pause and feel into what Self Care means for you and what it actually looks like in your life
(not what you'd like it to look like!) -  what arises?

Is it something that you do to fill yourself up only when you hit burn out?
Is it something you do once you've ticked everything else off your list?
Does it even get a mention at all?

Perhaps you do bring Self Care into your day but it's inconsistent and to be honest you aren't sure if what you are doing is really making you feel the way you truly desire to feel.


Sacred Self Care - as a daily devotional spiritual practise - is not for the faint-hearted or for the woman looking for a 'surface level' quick fix for her self-sourcing.

It's not something that creates another 'stress response', nor is it a list of actions you need to achieve in order to tick
'Self Care' off your to-do list (though how you tend to yourself is important)

Rather it's a journey to the very depths of your soul -
and is born from a deep yearning to care for yourself as a radical act of LOVE.

Its foundation rests in:

* deep and intimate self-awareness
* feminine embodiment
* radical self-responsibility
* self-enquiry
* aligned loving action
* understanding of and alignment to your feminine cycles
* unwavering unconditional compassion.



My initial journey with Sacred Self Care began in 2007 when I experienced a severe burn out breakdown with the Auto-Immune issue Fibromyalgia.  Previous to that, life was lived at full speed - I was disconnected and not listening to my inner wisdom, and spent most of my time trying to prove my worth by how much I did (sound familiar?)

The breakdown was a very loud wake up call from the Universe - one that I was finally ready to hear
- and my life has not been the same since.

This was followed on 5 years later after the birth of my daughter with severe Post Natal Depletion Depression, Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid issues (to name a few)

I realised something had to change, so I made a deep and sacred vow to show up in a way I had not done before - and so for the past 11 years I have journeyed deep within myself revealing and releasing old stories and finding a whole new embodied, gentle and feminine way to live this incredible life.

It is from my own deep dark night of the soul journey and ongoing embodied experiences that the
Sacred Self Care Mentoring Journey was born.




* It's for the woman desiring to know and understand herself and her own unique rhythms

* It's for the woman ready to reclaim ALL of herself and her wildly feminine nature

* It's for the woman tired of feeling exhausted, disconnected and never good enough

* It's for the woman willing to show up and do the deeper work needed to change old patterns around her worth and value

* It's for the woman ready to claim her space and reclaim her sovereignty

* It's for the woman yearning to understand her feminine cycles and how they can be a compass for loving Self Care in action




The Sacred Self Care 3 MONTH mentoring journey is a deep commitment to Self.

It is my very own trialled and tested navigation system - a Self Care Compass - offering you profound insight in how to gently and lovingly tend to your own changing and individual needs whilst
rekindling your inner flame of unconditional Self Love.

My role is as divine space holder - and my vow is to create a sacred circle and container of safety, trust, support, unconditional love and sacred witnessing for you to feel READY to dive deep on this journey back home to yourself.


The journey is comprised of 6 modules - each building on the foundation we have created in the previous module - 
and will involve meeting fortnightly for a 60 minute live call covering the following:

 The Essence of Sacred Self Care

- the foundations of self care
- what sacred self care is and isn't
- why self care is important
- self care for busy women
- establishing your needs
- sacred boundaries
 - morning rituals vs morning routines


 Reclaiming your Worth and Releasing Old Beliefs

- taking radical self-responsibility
- core wounds of the feminine
- the 'not good enough' wound
- releasing old beliefs


 Feminine Embodiment and Cultivating Self Awareness

- what is self awareness and why it's important
- feminine embodiment: what, why and how
- the art of listening + honing your intuition
- the power of your womb
- mindfulness and meditation


 The Art of Receiving

- what is the art of receiving
- surrender and support
- self care and radical rest
- the nervous system and the breath


 Aligning with your Feminine Cycles

- the menstrual cycle as an ally
- the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle
- hormonal changes
- archetypes
- aligning with the moon phases and seasons
- tracking your cycle
- alternatives for blood collection
- resources
- blood prayers and offerings
- self care for your inner seasons


 Your Self Care Compass

- prioritising pleasure
- your Sacred Self Care compass
- the 7 C's of sacred self care
- integration and overview
- what's next


We will use self-enquiry, journaling, mindfulness, feminine embodiment exploration, deeply restorative practises, breath connection, feminine yoga, mudras, dance, womb and heart activation, ritual, sound and visualisation as tools for exploration.

Accompanying each session will be homeplay activities for deeper integration in between modules.

These can include:
+ a recording/transcript/audio of our session
+ self-enquiry journaling prompts
+ rituals relating to the module content
+ worksheets for deep-seated assimilation of the processes covered
+ audio and/or video journeys for guided embodiment practises
+ guided meditations and visualisations for expanded implementation



* know all of yourself (the light and the shadow) more intimately
* revere your body as sacred
* have a plethora of tools for filling your inner well
* have a deeper understanding of your own inner cycles and seasons
* know how to effortlessly move into a state of connection and embodiment
* have (began to) let go of non-serving beliefs around your worthiness and value
* be able to access your intuition and womb wisdom with ease
* understand the workings of the nervous system and the importance of reclaiming rest
* allow yourself to fully receive without guilt
* be able to use your Self Care compass to guide you back home to aligned action over and over again


SACRED SELF CARE MENTORING is currently a one-to-one mentoring journey - so if you are feeling the call inside and want to know more connect with me HERE for all the details.


Starting June 23rd and consisting 6 Women's Circles over 6 months
To find out ALL the details of this yummy journey HERE

Sacred Self Care Mentoring Journey will also be birthed as a LIVE Weekend Workshop and
Online Women's Circle Journey later in 2018.

Better still, sign up to be a part of my Soul Sister Circle below and get all the latest LOVE from me!

I am SO excited to hold this space for you!