Private Mentoring

Beautiful woman,

Are you feeling:
+ Exhausted, depleted, chronically stressed, overwhelmed or disconnected?

+ Burnt-out and adrenally fatigued?
+ Disconnected with yourself and your feminine essence?

Do you yearn for a gentle + calm life filled with vitality, abundant energy, connection, inspiration and purpose?
 Do you long to reconnect with your feminine essence and let your inner wisdom be the 'true north' navigator from which you align all that you do in the world?

Are you truly ready to embody your enoughness and flourish?

I hear you honey - and I get it - because I've been there too.
(Learn about my journey here)


I've experienced the pain and exhaustion that comes with BURNOUT.

Now my greatest desire is to offer you a trialled and tested roadmap of insights and practical tools to help you find a more feminine, nurturing, connected and joy filled approach to living the life you dream of.

Session experience


My private sessions will leave you feeling restored, revitalised and reconnected + with some simple Self Care tools to bring into your day effortlessly.

Sessions can include:
* Restorative Yoga * Gentle Feminine Yoga * Mindfulness + Meditation Practises *Pranayama( breath practises)
* Guided Visualisation * Self-Enquiry * Holistic Lifestyle Coaching * Intuition Guidance *Mindset Play
* Simple Self Care Practises *Feminine Embodiment Practises *Reconnection to your Feminine Cycles

Book a session

I'd LOVE to help you create a new loving relationship with yourself,
so please do connect for a Skype chat and let's see if we can make magic together!


My life is the embodiment of busy and chaotic! I always look after myself last, am prone to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is my natural state. One session with Star shifted that - sure there is much more work to do but the session allowed me to rest, find my centre and for 60min just breathe and be calm. Even over Skype Star could guide me through a practice in such a way that I could fully let go of my fears, inhibitions and anxieties and just BE. She taught me tools to use on my own and while I only do shorter sessions I now have a small but nourishing self care practice and I am excited and ready to continue the journey to heal and reconnect with myself.
Elle M Roberts - Creativity Coach +  Business Mentor


I had a session with Star over Skype after meeting her in person a few years ago. Her potency and power as a healer and as a yogi was not diluted by distance or technology. I pray every day for more abundance so I can keep diving in with this goddess, this amazing women. I am in awe of her gifts as a teacher and I am honoured to call myself her student, her friend and her colleague She is the vision of love and the bringer of surrender. Thank you sister for your time .
Jacqui-Rae Anderson - Spiritual Mentor + Yoga Teacher

What a special and beautiful lady Star is inside and out. She provides a very special service and space where you feel fully nurtured, supported and guided as you give yourself permission to just be, rest and let go. As soon as I entered the space with Star to rest & rejuvenate, I felt at ease. Everything slowed down and I achieved a deep sense of calm. Time slowed down and my body and psyche really embraced this whole experience. I knew how enjoyable the whole process was at the time, but I was even more pleasantly surprised as the benefits of it were felt for days and weeks after my session. I was calmer ,more energised and had tools that helped me get in that space again if needed. I highly recommend Star! Every women needs this experience especially in this busy day and age.
Claire Deale - Homeopath


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