Your BODY is the Temple

What if I told you that all your external seeking and soul-searching for the truth of who you are (that incidentally has left you burnt out and even more disconnected) was nothing more than a distraction - a diversion of smoke and mirrors? What if this long and often arduous journey that has taken you far and wide looking for answers - and has left you more lost than ever - was nothing more than a wild goose chase?

What if the truth is not outside of yourself at all?
What if the truth has always resided within you?


This sacred journey that we all embark on for connection, for one-ness, for L O V E - to remember - (whether consciously or not) has taken us so far away from ourselves that finding our way back home amidst the chaos, conditioning and busyness can feel daunting, overwhelming and at times downright impossible!

We have, as a collective feminine consciousness., been so throughly indoctrinated and shackled that for many we sadly don't even realise how bound we truly are and how much we have forgotten.

With thousands of years of orthodox religion reigning supreme, the patriarchy has over time managed to create a cultural environment where women have become numb to the truth and to the sacredness and divinity of their feminine landscape. The seed was planted that fateful day Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit, and for the next couple of millennia women have born the brunt of this moment and slowly our power has been stripped from us.

Our body temple and it's divine functions have been labelled dirty, shameful, overly tempting and something to reject. And we have bought the lie.


For years I looked for the truth everywhere but within.

I immersed myself in the latest self-help books and spiritual practises, always seeking something external to find that all elusive feeling that I was whole and enough.
I was a good little yogini - I read the sutras and scriptures - and studied ancient text written for and by men.

The pain I carried in my body (emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual) felt so overwhelming that I either only merely touched the surface with my 'I look really good at it' yoga practises, or I avoided diving deep all together.

I knew I had years worth of buried unprocessed emotion just waiting for acknowledgement and love.

I knew my years experiencing body dysmorphia had left their toll and it was going to take some deep devotion to heal those scars.

I knew my womb was parched - her landscape arid from years of disconnect and neglect.

Even in the knowing I still turned away from myself for more years than I care to admit.
Partly due to paralysing fear, and partly because I didn't know how to go in.

Our patriarchal cultural conditioning and societal ways have not (in the past) offered women many examples of how to love ourselves wholeheartedly, or what spiritual practises for women might look like in the conditions we find ourselves living amongst in modern life.
Orthodox religion would still have us embody disempowered and outdated roles, and at the core we are still carrying the wounds of the burning time where to voice and own our power equated to death.

So instead we look to popular culture and the latest trends to inform our spiritual landscape and forget what we have always known...

That the gateway to love and connection is through your feminine landscape.

The passage to spiritual awakening for us as women is to dive deep into the core of our very being and to reclaim our right to sovereignty.

IMG_1348_e fav.jpg

It is to reject outright any notion that the female body is the embodiment of sin, temptation or evil and finally to pierce through the layers of lies that have held us down for a millennium.

It is to rewrite your story, our story, HERstory.

It is to remember what it was to once revere ourselves and Mother Earth with such tender-hearted love.
It is to reclaim our forgotten power through our blood, our breath and our body.

It is to finally come home to yourself.
To be turned on and lit up by your own sweet divine essence.
To stop looking everywhere else for a place to worship and dropping knees down on the Mother in absolute awe, wonder and eternal unconditional love for the magnificence and miracle that YOU are.

This kind of reverence takes courage and a going against some of the common threads deeply ingrained into our psyche and that of the culture in which we exist - to see ourselves as whole, divine and beautiful right now - without a thing to change or hide.  To know that we are inherantly worthy, not broken or in need of fixing.

THIS, woman, is radical.


So sweet sister, just in case you still need convincing - please remember:

YOU are the divine!

Your body is the temple through which to commune with SHE, the Goddess, Source, Spirit - all that is!

Your feminine form is the embodiment of the sacred.
Your womb a creative cauldron of alchemy and magic waiting to be cultivated and unleashed.
Your breath the wind through which all is revealed to you.
Your blood is gold - the cycles of your womanhood the greatest tool and power you can claim.
The body and it's senses a path to freedom, truth, liberation, pleasure and joy.

Shame, fear, doubt, body issues, 'dis-ease', feelings of being 'too much' and at the same time 'not enough', deep disconnect with your potent magic- these are the ways we abandon ourself again and again and again.

Now, however, women are rising up and reclaiming their power. 
We are remembering what we have for so long forgotten, and the patriarchal structures are crumbling as we recover and own the magic that is ours as a birthright.


Know that I am right here beside you walking this sacred journey of reclaiming and re-wilding myself from all the ways I too have been bound.

You are not alone - together the sisterhood is changing the world!


Woman where are you holding back in your life?
Where are you dimming your light and hiding in the shadows?
Where can you let the love soak in?

It's time to crack your heart open and let all that is within you shine forth!
The planet needs you now - to step up, speak your truth, own your unique gifts and reclaim your power.

My sharing is an invitation - a gentle nudge so that you may remember your worth, your value and the truth - that you are (and always have been) DIVINE.

Please do let me know in the comments below if you are feeling the call to remember - and how I can support you to gently rekindle a love affair with your divine form in all it's radiance?

May you remember the truth.

Blessings and love,
Star xxxxx