In honour of SHE

Whispering in the wind SHE caresses you gently with her breath and calls you forth
In the rustle of the trees SHE summons you
Through the gentle touch and embrace of Mother Earth SHE is awaiting you
SHE holds you tenderly through the long night and the storm - still there in the soft dawn of a new day

Can you feel HER?

In the moments before you arise and fall asleep SHE beckons
Always SHE is there, reaching out - seeking you - longing for you to awaken

When darkness prevails SHE is the light
In the full light of day SHE is the shadow demanding your attention and love

Deep in the darkness of your most sacred places SHE resides
Hidden away in the shadows
Lying still, waiting patiently for you to wake up and come home
Your womb her eternal resting place
Her sanctuary, your wisdom – together - all powerful

SHE sees and knows all - and judges thee not
SHE asks nothing yet all from you

SHE is unyielding, unwavering, unapologetic
Awake and present - SHE is alive, fierce, loyal
Raw, wild, untameable - SHE is free - unto herself

SHE is the cycle of Maiden, Mother and Crone
Through the scared spiral she governs
SHE listens, guides and speaks to you through your sacred womb portal


Can you hear HER?

SHE is everywhere and everything
SHE is you and you are HER

SHE is unnamable – yet many call her by her name as the Goddess, the Divine, ALL that is...
SHE is eternal - she has and always will BE

And SHE is ready

SHE is getting restless
SHE is making noise, stirring something deep within
No longer content to remain stifled in the darkness -  SHE will be ignored no more
SHE demands to be seen and heard
Fear, shame, doubt - SHE rejects outright

SHE is asking you to remember
SHE is asking you to speak up
SHE is asking you to reclaim what is your birthright

SHE is asking you to remember

It is time to RISE UP sister
Time to anchor your roots deep into the mother and from this place rise


The planet, humanity, the balance of the divine feminine and masculine – they need you to rise up now

SHE asks you to break free of the shackles of conventionality and conformity
To re-wild and reclaim yourself wholeheartedly
To bring ALL of your light to the world 

To be free, sovereign, virgin - QUEEN

Together in sisterhood we rise up - united, strong and powerful

Are you ready?

STAR COLOUR IMG_5305_Fotor.jpg


Sister if you feel the call and are TRULY ready to rise then I want to hear from you!
We can't do this alone so please reach out and connect or comment your willingness to RISE UP below.
Together we are more powerful than you know!

May we all rise rooted,
Star xxxxx