5 ways to SHINE your light bright...

Within us resides our very own, highly unique and ever-lasting light.
A bright spark of divinity that is part of who we are beyond the physical body we inhabit.

It is my belief that our greatest purpose here is to deeply align with our truth, acknowledge our innate gifts and then to generously share them with the world for the service of all (which of course includes ourself)
To lovingly shine our light out into the ether for all to experience it's radiance  - and to receive unconditionally the light of others in whatever form it manifests.

But what does it really mean to shine?
What does it feel and look like?

If you have been living life on auto-pilot, denying the whispering of your inner voice or stuck in an old belief that you aren't worthy or good enough to shine, then you may be feeling a little lost right now as to what this might mean for you and your life.

Hiding behind your mask, not speaking your truth, downplaying your gifts - these are all unfortunately self-sabotage tactics that may have been getting in the way (without you even knowing) of you stepping up and in to your power.

Still not sure where to start?

Here are 5 ways you can gently begin to align with your inner flame and radiate it's glow to all.


Be authentic - there is no one out there like you!
You are an original, a one-off - you are exclusively, delightfully, deliciously you!
Please don't try and be someone else - trust me - it will lead only lead you down the road of unhappiness and suffering.
The world wants to receive your gifts and see you shine!

You have your own special flavour of awesomeness -  and we want in!
Know who you are and don't be afraid to speak up about the stuff that lights you up and what makes your blood boil! (yes we want you to have an opinion!)
This kind of raw and unedited realness is a refreshing anecdote to the 'same same but different' that is rife out there.

2) Show your imperfections and vulnerabilities

We don't want to see your 'perfect' life painted all over social media (#boring + #bullshit)
We want to meet the imperfectly perfect you  - the one who screws shit up like the rest of us and the one who hasn't got it all together (at least not all of the time anyway!)
Let us embrace ALL of you!

3) Believe in yourself

I know there are probably demons still lingering there - old beliefs haunting you and stopping you from believing that all of it (and I do mean ALL of it) is possible.
Time to dig deep sister and let these thoughts go for good.
Journal it, practise some soulful self-enquiry, meditate on it, open up to a trusted friend, seek a professional if you need to - but for the sake of the goddess - please don't put this one off!
You deserve to shine - not later - NOW!

4) Trust in something bigger

Letting go of the need to control every last detail of how your life is going to unfold and instead trusting in something beyond you is crucial to allowing yourself the space to really flourish.
Aligning with your truth, setting intentions, doing the necessary actions and then handing it all over to the Universe is imperative - so time to JUST. LET. GO.

5) Follow your Bliss

What turns you on? What gets you so damn excited you think you will explode if you don't act on it or share it with the world? 
Do you even know what it is you love ?
Time for more inner work if you aren't sure, so take some alone time to get real with yourself and see what's revealed.
Know what fills you with bliss but struggle to follow through on bringing more of it into your day?
Might be time to revisit number 3 on the list and see if there is an outdated core belief getting in the way.


Shining bright isn't always easy, in fact it can be down right hard as there are often those hanging on the sidelines who will want to see you fail (I write about the dark side of shining bright here)

But, I dare you sweet soul..
To be bold, to be brave ...to love yourself enough to know you deserve to shine bright!

Life will feel more blissful, more fulfilling and more aligned when you let your true light be seen.
So what are you waiting for? GO!

Still feel strangled by the darkness and need someone to help guide you towards your own innate light?
Check out my Soul Sessions here and maybe, just maybe, I can be of service to you sister :-)
Let me know in the comments below how you love to shine your light!

All my love and blessings,
Star xxxxx