Keep It Simple Sweetheart - Self Care for Busy Women

Being a strong advocate of Self Care doesn't mean I don't fall prey to old destructive habits from time to time, or that there aren't days where the time I devote to my care is fleeting.

After all - I am human like you - and am navigating this life amidst the busy the best way I can every single day. Some days it flows effortlessly, and other days it's more of a challenge! #perfectly imperfect

The truth is - devoting time out of a busy life JUST FOR YOU takes commitment, dedication, patience, courage, practise, consistency, love and a heartfelt desire to live life in a more gentle and compassionate way.

Let's be honest.

Life is full - and unless we do something radical - this is NOT going to change.
If anything we are doing and consuming more than ever before, and this state of perpetual 'doing' and busyness is taking it's toll.

Women are unwell and are suffering tremendously.

I know too many women currently traversing the slippery slope of stress induced health issues - myself included - and I'm sure you do too.

The collective conditioning around productivity, achieving and DOING is deeply ingrained within the psyche and it's going to take one hell of a paradigm shift - a Self Care Revolution of sorts - for things to change.


So while we lovingly (and gently) commit to making changes to long held habits, the insight I am offering you  - from my own direct experience - when it comes to bringing more love and care into your life is this:

K. I. S. S.
Keep It Simple Sweetheart...

Self Care doesn't need to be clouded in complication, nor does it need to be costly. In fact, it rarely needs to involve the exchange of money at all!

True and authentic Self Care is being brave enough to make choices for yourself from a place of love. It is allowing yourself to begin to let go of any fear, conditioning or feelings of 'unworthiness' and 'not enoughness' that may be sabotaging your ability to deeply care for yourself.

Self Care invites you to pause long enough in the moment to ask - 'What is the most loving choice for me right now'- and then following through on the insight revealed, especially when it goes against ALL your conditioning and mind chatter!

The mind and ego love to be in control and run the show, and will endeavour to lead you down a path of their choosing which may not actually have your best interests at heart.

So slow down sister.
Take a moment to stop and breathe.
Notice what is arising.
Trust what your inner wisdom is whispering to you.
Honour your needs by moving forward into the next moment from this place of aligned truth.


If you have been feeling disconnected with self for a long time it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming knowing how to devote time to giving back.

Below are some of my favourite simple and effortless Self Care practises.

+ Take time to really BE with your breath
+ Prioritise sleep
+ Have a day a week offline and large periods of each day unplugged
+ BE in the healing embrace of Mother Earth as much as possible
+ Rest EVERY SINGLE DAY (non-negotiable)
+ Listen to your heart and womb wisdom and let her be your guiding light
+ Drink plenty of water
+ Follow what lights you up and brings you joy
+ Find a tool that helps you practise mindfulness
(this may a formal meditation practise, dancing or whatever helps you be IN  - rather than running away from - the moment with whatever is coming up for you)
+ Create space to check in with your emotions each day. Layers of unacknowledged emotions tend to build up in the body and can manifest in unhealthy ways physically.


Self Care is an intimate journey you have with yourself, and how you bring this into your life will be unique and different from every other soul on this planet.

If you remember the K I S S approach - Keep It Simple Sweetheart - then finding time (even if brief) every day to tend to your needs will become a new loving habit that requires very little effort at all. It becomes the default setting by which you navigate this beautiful and abundant life....

Remember beautiful, YOU are worth it!


I truly hope you feel inspired to prioritise YOU.

I'd love to know your sweet and simple Self Care practises, so please let me know in the comments below how you love caring for yourself.

With all my love always,
Star xxxx