Are you ready for Radical Self Love?

Self Love…


What does it truly take to love this self wholeheartedly?


For so long I have yearned to feel this love.

This heartfelt love that I willingly offer another with my whole being yet struggle to effortlessly gift back to myself.

This love is…

I am this love.


Can I look in the mirror without my mask and love all that I see?
Naked and bare…

The imperfections, the layers, the complexities.

All of it just as it is…

Can I love this vessel unconditionally?
And the soul within?

Without the judgement, or the need to change anything or add labels?

Old, wrinkled, ugly, unlovable…
Fat, unworthy, tired, past it…

The stories and beliefs and thoughts…

All can hold power over me - if I let them.
I let go of letting them a long time again, yet the layers run deep and still something lingers.


How do I feel right now?

Do I feel truly loveable?

Or am I stuck in a paradigm where this – me in this moment – isn’t something enough to love.
Maybe there is always a slight adjustment to be made so I am easier to adore?

Is this love more than just words - for all can be masters of the talk.

I hear it all the time – maybe you do too?

Are you walking your truth via your words?
Is what you express merely superficial and surface level love - or does it run deep?
Beyond the external and into the core…

True and lasting Self-Love is more than a few daily affirmations – though these are helpful.

Do you even know what it is to feel radical self-love?

Against all the negativity that might be circling around inside your head, and despite the old
conditioning – you love still - completely, unreservedly, fearlessly.

This is the love I want to explore...


Life makes it hard though.
In every direction I see evidence of what society thinks I should look, be and behave like.

But I’m not here to conform.
It’s not my style.
I’m here to feel and be love.

To show the women in my world - especially my daughters - what it is to authentically love the self.

I’m ready to get real…are you?

I revel in rebelling; thrive on being a troublemaker; delight in unconventionality.
I’m not here to make you feel comfortable sweetheart…

I’m here to encourage you to expand…to crack yourself wide open.
To see the possibilities of living this life from this love.

To bask in the beauty of your divinity.
To finally see yourself the way I do.

For I see you…
and you are magnificent!


So what does it take to deepen this love beyond the external?

For me it needs to involve aligned action.
It needs to be radical if I am to finally break down those old barriers.

One of things I am exploring at the moment is this:

Every day I spend 5 minutes in from of the mirror naked and...
I watch the arising of thoughts and stay.
I stay with the discomfort and the judgement.
I bask in the unconditional love.
I offer compassion through the tears.
I bless and send love to each amazing part of my body.
I touch my body in a gentle and loving way.

Later I journal...

This is not always easy, but it has been powerful.

I KNOW I am so much more than this body...but she is my temple, my home, my sanctuary for this life, and I choose to worship her now in all her unique shapes and splendour.

Can you?


I wonder if you relate to my sharing?
I feel called to open up this vulnerable topic for I truly desire for things to change NOW.

I am ready to cultivate this radical love each moment of every day and I hope you feel inspired to join me so please comment below if you want to join the Self Love revolution!

I see you sister...
Star xxx