Are you hearing your inner voice?

How often do you stop, tune in, listen and course correct to a more aligned path if things feel out of alignment?

Are you hearing the wisdom being whispered to you, or is the volume of life turned up so high that the messages can’t get through?

When the overwhelm sets in and life is loud and busy, are you hearing your inner voice?


For most of my life I felt disconnected to my inner wisdom.

I was so caught up in the ‘doing’ that there was no way anything else could get through the constant noise.

Every now and then I may have heard a murmur, but the truth is I didn’t bother listening most of the time and went on following what my mind told me to do.
I thought I knew best.

My decisions came entirely from a mind that was stressed, manic and usually didn’t have my best interest at heart.

It was like a hungry beast that needed satiating constantly.
So I fed her with my attachments, my expectations, and my busyness.

She was never ever full though, and I kept on making decisions that led me to experiences that weren’t what I desired.

In hindsight I often saw the pattern, but it took a long time for things to change.

It usually played out a little like this:
+ There was a choice to be made
+ I may (or may not) hear my intuition trying to guide me in an aligned direction
+ I disregard the wisdom and decide to follow my head
+ Eventually something goes pear shaped

Sound familiar?

What changed for me?

Well, first I had a breakdown…

Life was destined for a overhaul, and manifesting an auto-immune issue seemed to the Universe a great way to finally get me to listen.

So I slowed down, let go of the constant need to be busy, devoted time to a daily meditation practise, took time every day to be quiet and still and reconnected with the divine feminine within.

None of this came easy for me (think I am a slow learner!)
It took time, patience, dedication and a true desire for a different way of being to let go of my grip and control and finally surrender into the flow.

Life looks different now.
My inner voice is finally being heard,

And she (and I) are ever so grateful.


Reflection time sweetheart…

Are you hearing your inner voice and ignoring her?

Can you think of some times where all went wrong but may have looked different if you’d heeded that voice that was clearly telling you to abort?

What is getting in the way of you truly listening to your intuition?

Take some time to sit with these questions.
Give your inner voice time to speak to you…for she is ready and willing.

Notice any thoughts, feeling and physical sensations that arise.
Stay with them.

Like anything in life, the more you commit to practise connecting, the easier it will become to hear and heed all your inner voice desires to share.


Beautiful one I’d love to hear your experiences.
Are you led by your head or your gut?

What has happened in the past when you went with the mind instead?
Feel free to share with me in the comments below.

May your week be filled with insight and listening :-)

Much love,
Star xxx