Are you playing small?

Have you been hiding behind your mask beautiful?

Unintentionally (or intentionally) closing the door on life and the glorious opportunities that may be headed your way because of old negative thoughts around your level of worthiness?

Are you withholding your gifts because you're scared to show the world who you are and what you've got?

Are you playing small sweetheart?


For a long time I felt stuck.
Stuck in old thoughts and tired ideas of who I thought I was and what I thought I could do.

Have you ever felt this way?

The sabotage was happening on autopilot and I was naïve to it for a very long time.

I had dreams, desires, visions…but I thought they were for someone else.
Not me.
Someone more experienced, more – well, everything really.

My deeply entrenched fear of failure kept me sitting on the sideline of life for way to many years, wistfully wishing away my days on the ‘what if’s’ and ‘could be’s’.

Eventually though the stars aligned and my time arrived.

It took a leap of faith, a load of courage and the wise guidance of an amazing coach and sister to help me look those old fears and thoughts straight in the eye and let them go for good.

It was hard and gruelling work trailing through that dark, unchartered terrain, but it was so worth every tear, every moment where I lacked faith and all the struggle and resistance to come through the other side to rest in the place I find myself now.

Where is this new special place?

I now have an unwavering belief in myself that didn’t exist before.
I feel a desire to serve and am deeply connected to my soul purpose - this had previously eluded me.
I feel strong, aligned, soft, open and focused – ready to take on anything.

No more will I hide my light in the shadows.

I’m ready to play – by my own rules and where everyone wins.
I feel called to step up, show up, let go of any lingering doubts and SHINE.

That’s not to say I am completely devoid of a little self-sabotage every now and again.
There are still moments when I fall into the sticky trap - the difference is I know about the trap now, I recognise the signs and am able to re-calibrate fairly quickly (most of the time anyway).

If I do linger in sabotage city it is usually at those times when the Universe is clearly asking me to step up and out of my comfort zone.
It is when I am asked to take a bigger leap of faith, or look at some upper limiting beliefs that are getting in the way.
It is when I am about to break through to the next level that these old fears can tangle me up.

I know I'm not the only one who has felt this way...
I felt a strong pull to share my experience, for I know that it isn’t unique to me, and maybe by opening up about my journey I will give you a little faith and inspiration to shine bright too.


So what does it take to dream big?

Here are 5 ways to ensure that you let go of playing small for good and manifest the life you deserve.

+ Show Up

Do you truly desire change?
The first step is simple then – just show up!
Devote yourself to a new way of being in the world – live it and breathe it.
Make this heart-felt commitment to yourself right now honey, and let the rest flow…


Ah…the fun bit!
This step can be tough.
You will likely come up against fear, doubt, resistance, denial and self-sabotage – to name a few.
Unless you are prepared to put it all on the line and dig deep here then life will remain the same – stagnant and stuck.
Do it on your own, get the support of your amazing friends, align with a coach who inspires you to let go and grow…
Do whatever you need to do feel supported to play BIG!


When you inevitably come face-to-face with all your fears - however they manifest - anchor back into that unshakable belief that you are worthy and you deserve to shine bright.
No need to give yourself more grief sweetheart, we all fall back into old habits from time to time. Notice where you are ‘dimming it down’ and refocus your energy on playing a new game.


Know that by stepping up and into your own truth and light you are inspiring others to do the same!
How wonderful is that!
The world really does need what you have to offer, so by getting out of your own way and aligning with the best possible version of yourself, you are able to share these amazing gifts with others and change lives!


We all have days where the light feels a little lack-lustre.
Honour your natural rhythms and cycles – know when it’s time to turn it up high, and when you need to retreat for rest and Self Care.


One of my daily affirmations at the moment is:

Each day I speak it aloud to the Universe and write it in my journal.
When I feel a little shaky or off track, I bring myself back to these beautiful words.
I breathe, trust and believe…

Do you believe in yourself honey?
Have you been playing small?

I wholeheartedly support you to step into your light and life right now!
I want to see you SHINE!

I’d love to know how playing small has been part of your journey, so please do share in the comments below.

May you always share your divine light with the world.

Star xxxx