The importance of Tribe...

What does the word tribe mean for you?

Does it conjure up feelings of connection and family?
Maybe it is a sense of community and belonging that stirs something inside?

Whatever the feeling, finding those deep connections, whether within your blood family or in an extended sisterhood is important for creating a supportive and loving network of like-minded people to share the highs and lows of the journey of life with.

Below I share a little about what tribe means for me...

So do you have a strong supportive sisterhood to lean into?
Is it missing in your life but deep down you truly long for more authentic relationships with the women in your world?

Here are a few ways to bring more genuine connections into your life:

1) Reach out and connect in new ways with the women who are already in your life, you might surprise yourself and them with this new spirit of friendship.

2) Open up and let yourself be raw and vulnerable with the women in your life - you will give others permission to be vulnerable too. This kind of communication is pure magic!

3) Be true to who you are. Your tribe will LOVE you just as you are, so let go of the need to mould yourself into a version of yourself that isn't authentic and real. All you need to do is BE you...

4) Get yourself along to some local gatherings in your community - music, art - whatever you are drawn to. You just never know what kindred spirit you might meet there.

5) Listen to your inner voice. Felt a connection with a new acquaintance but felt nervous to take the next step? They probably did too so if you feel able too, then take the leap and connect!


Feeling a sense of connection is something we all long for in our lives - whether with ourselves and with others.
I hope my sharing has inspired you to honour the beautiful connections you are already blessed with and to reach out and nurture the new ones that may be just around the corner.

For truly these relationships can create some of the most nurturing, nourishing and joyful moments of your life if you allow them too.


I'd love to hear about your feelings around tribe and community - do you long for that connection or do you already have some amazing sisters to share your journey with.
Let mw know in the comments below.

Enjoy the blossoming of new connections,
Love and blessings,
Star xxxxx