7 Reasons to put Restorative Yoga on your ‘to try’ list.

Curious about Restorative Yoga?

Think it’s just a more gentle version of a general yoga class with less postures and only a few down dogs?
Well darling one, think again.

Take a moment to picture this…

For the duration of the 90-minute class you are lovingly led through a deeply supportive series of postures where your body is strategically held lovingly by bolsters and blankets until you find just the right spot to soften and release into.
They leave you nurtured and deeply connected to yourself.

During the session you are invited to ‘slow down’, ‘let go’, bring attention to your breath and body sensations, and give yourself full permission to simply receive.

You are encouraged to peel back the layers and reveal the self that is always there beneath them.

Your needs are tended to like a devoted mama would tend to her child, with unconditional love, empathy and compassion.

You are invited to welcome all of your experience into your awareness – the light and the shadow – as a part of your whole, divine self.

When the practise comes to an end you realise you can’t remember the last time you felt this connected, this still and so beautifully nourished.

You float out of the studio, blissfully ready to meet each moment with grace and ease.


The gifts of this delicious practise are many; from deeply soothing the nervous system, calming a busy mind and allowing one to feel intimately connected to their own wisdom.

Still not convinced?
Here are 7 reasons you might just want to give a Restorative Yoga Class a try.

1) It deeply calms the nervous system.
More and more I am witnessing the slow decline in women’s health as student after student arrive at my classes with a host of health issues mostly derived from a chronically over-stressed nervous system.
The practise of Restorative Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system - the branch of the autonomic nervous system that triggers the relaxation response and moves us out of the overused sympathetic ‘fight/flight’ stress response. Spending devoted time in this space soothes the nervous system and allows healing to occur on a cellular level.

2) It encourages mindfulness.
Being encouraged to bring your full attention to the thoughts, body sensations and emotions that arise during the practise cultivates mindfulness – the ability to BE with the unfolding moment, in all its many hues. Nurturing this practise within the class setting sets up an organic expansion out into life ‘off ’ the mat, allowing one to feel more confidant and able to navigate the ups and downs of life from a peaceful centre.

3) It can calm a busy mind
There is no denying that life is full and we are busier than ever!
Stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise, and along with these issues generally come an overactive mind.
Being in a quiet and nurturing space, feeling the nervous system slow down and being continuously invited to witness the mind’s activities without getting ‘attached’ to the story can help facilitate a quietening down of mental chatter and a few moments of inner peace.

4) It deepens the connection to self and invites self-enquiry.
When we take the time to stop and connect inwards we slowly begin to reveal who we are beneath all the self-imposed layers, judgments, labels, roles and responsibilities that we play out in the world. It helps us distinguish the difference between what we do and who we are, and encourages a deeper dialogue with our authentic self.

5) It creates space for you to hear the whisperings of your intuition.
Being caught in the eternally sticky trap of ‘doing’ mode, we often move through life on autopilot and aren’t able to hear the wisdom of our inner voice.
We perpetually ‘override’ our system and don’t heed the insights that are hidden behind the noise. By surrendering into the stillness of this practise we create some spaciousness for our deepest truths to be unveiled and become more intimately attuned with our inner knowing so that we can start to navigate life from this place.

6) It invites you to slow down the pace.
The experience of life in the modern world can be fast, furious and one of constant stimulation, ‘doing’ and action.
This practise offers a beautifully balanced contrast where you get time to recalibrate, realign and recharge; all in a safe and supportive way.

7) It leaves you feeling extremely nurtured.
Whilst teaching this practise I have discovered that as a whole, women generally don’t place enough importance on the need for self-nurturing.
We are still stuck in an old paradigm where our needs come last.
As mothers, we naturally and lovingly nurture our children, but how often do we take time out to give this gift back to ourselves? Having a teacher hold a safe space for you to go on a journey deep within can let you enjoy feeling held, supported and profoundly nourished.

So what do think?
Ready to try a Restorative Yoga Class?


Through the almost 10 years of my journey as a yoga teacher, this practise is where I have found the most profound healing.

Personally, this practise has played a HUGE role in my own healing journey through Postnatal Depletion/ Depression and Adrenal Fatigue.

The truly beautiful gifts I receive as a teacher of Restorative Yoga are many.
The joy of witnessing a woman’s unfolding into herself – that moment when she really sees who she is – is pure magic!

The healing I have seen received by my students through this deep and gentle yet incredibly potent practise, is what moves me to show up week after week for my students.

What to know more?
Have a look here for a little more detail about the ins and outs of the practise.

Keen to try the practise but don’t have any Restorative Yoga near you?
I offer private sessions, face to face or via Skype so if you are interested you can check them out here.


So beautiful, I hope my sharing on the amazing gifts of Restorative Yoga has left you feeling curious to explore a little further!
I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I would love to know if you have tried Restorative Yoga and what it was like for you. Let me know in the comments and please share this post with any woman you know who may be in need of some extra love and care.

Have a restful week sister,
Love Star xxx