You are ENOUGH...

You really are enough honey.
Just as you are.

Right now you have all you need inside you to shine brighter than ever.
So what’s holding you back?

Is it fear and resistance?
They LOVE to hang around and sniff out the smallest bit of self-doubt.

Maybe it’s feeling like you need more qualifications, street cred and external know-how to move towards living a life you love?

Just possibly it’s those negative thoughts that may have been lingering for some time that are damaging the glorious manifestation of your dreams and desires?


I know the feeling.

For years I undermined and unintentionally sabotaged any chance I had of bringing my visions to fruition because of a few key thought patterns that stopped any chance of me winning dead in their tracks.

For a long time I didn’t even realise this was happening.

I knew there were certain feelings and thoughts that would rear up when I got close to achieving something, but it took some time and the wisdom that comes from life experience to make a deeper connection.

The worst part was that the two destructive thoughts I had running on repeat actually played off each other and kept me in a perpetual state of feeling exactly what I was trying to avoid.

Let me explain…

For a long, long time I moved through life feeling either that I was…
 ‘not good enough’ or ‘a failure’.

Feeling like I was never enough and saying those words to myself often was a surefire way to let the Universe know loud and clear that I wasn’t.

The Universe expands what we focus on, so if my mantras were along the lines of ‘I’m not enough’, then she happily obliged and this became my reality.

You can see how this then fed into my other thought pattern.
I damaged my chances of success via long held beliefs about myself, and then of course felt like a complete failure when I was unable to bring the mission to completion.

One big vicious, messy and unhappy cycle playing out over and over.

The sad truth is I see and hear this from so many women around me.
The level and degree of self-sabotage is intense.
It’s not respectful or loving… and it’s got to stop.


Last year I had the joy, privilege and honour to gift myself with some life coaching and let me say now with absolute honesty that these sessions changed my life.

I made a firm and devoted commitment to myself to show up and do the work.
I was tired of feeling that fact I was exhausted from years of draining my energy through those debilitating thoughts.

During these sessions we really dove deep and got to the core of the beliefs that were holding me back.

We journeyed back into the past to my teenage years and to the actual moments these seeds of self- doubt were planted.
I had been ignorantly nourishing them ever since.

To say it was powerful work is an understatement.

It was also confronting and at times incredibly uncomfortable.

The beauty though through all the discomfort is that at 42 I finally laid to rest these untrue thoughts about myself and stepped for the first time fully into my power.
Things that I had only really understood intellectually became an embodied knowing.

To believe in myself and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am enough is the most divine and loving gift I have ever given myself.

Those old thoughts still come to visit though, and sometimes I notice myself fall back into old habits.
Like all I share with you on my journey, it is a moment-to-moment practise.

Now though when I hear my inner mean girl trying to out yell my new sense of self, I kind of chuckle a little.

For once realised, there is NO turning back!

Yes I have days where thoughts of doubt and uncertainness creep in, but my new foundation of unconditional self-belief ensures that they never, ever get a strong foothold again!

Life looks different now, and I have an enthusiasm, passion and devotion to growth and bringing my gifts into the world that I have never before experienced.


So how can you let go of the old and tired beliefs that don’t serve you?
What story do you have running that actually sabotages all that you want to bring into your life??

When those thoughts drop by:

+ Don’t try and hide from them - notice them with all your attention.
Shine a light laser-beam style on them.

+ Feel the sensations in your body that accompany them.
Where does the thought land in your body?

+ Connect in with your breath – she will anchor you back into the moment and help lesson the attachment to the thought playing out.

+ Reflect on the moments before the negative thoughts arrived – what were you doing?
What triggered the response?

+ Create a new thought or belief.
 Let the Universe know what it is by whispering it to yourself often.

+ Hold yourself with kindness and compassion when you notice you have gone off track and spiralled down a hole of negative thinking.
Gently and lovingly realign.

Deep down, somewhere hidden maybe, I hope you know this already.
But in case you have forgotten, or been bogged down by an avalanche of negativity I’ll say it again.



I’d love to know what negative thoughts tend to take the reigns from time to time and how you come back to your centre when they do.
Feel free to share in the comments below.

Until next time, rest into your innate beauty and perfection.
Love Star xxxx